Technical Specifications for Major Metal Cast Aluminum or Cast Iron Abrasive Stair Nosing - Type 105-A

Technical Specifications for Major Metal Cast Aluminum or Cast Iron Abrasive Stair Nosing - Type 105-A:

• Provide Major Metal Cast Aluminum or Cast Iron Abrasive Stair Nosing Type 105-A safety nosings as produced by The Mat King a d/b/a of Geoffrey Drew Marketing, Inc., for interior and exterior stairs.

• Abrasive shall be #20 virgin grain Aluminum Oxide abrasive integrally cast into the walking surface to a minimum depth 1/32 inch.

• Safety nosings up to 6" deep with crossed hatched surface being installed into wet concrete shall have a feature strip along the back edge. .

• Consealed type anchors shall be slotted rivet type, integrally cast into the body of the nosing a minimum of 3/8 inch. (Not mushroom type).

• Cast metals used shall conform to the following specification:

Abrasive Cast Aluminum: No. 43 prime ingot; low copper content; corrosion resistant.

Abrasive Cast Iron: Class 20 iron; high silicon; machinable; hyper eutectic.

• Any holes or countersinks shall be machine made; screw heads shall not protrude above tread surface; cored holes or countersinks are not accptable.

• All metal types shall have shot blasted finish; Cast Iron Abrasive Treads and Nosing shall have one coat of shop-black paint.

• Cross hatching and fluting shall be 1/16" deep minimum and shall be clean and well defined.

• Treads or nosing shall be manufactured, packed and shipped so as to arrive at the job site in good condition.

• Nosings shall terminate not more than 4" from ends of steps for poured concrete stairs; for concrete filled steel pan stairs, nosings shall be full length of steps less 1/8" clearance.


Guidelines for the Installation of Major Metal Sure and Secure Safety Stair Treads or Nosing into New Concrete or Steel Pan Filled Stairs:

• The use of very large aggregate in the concrete mix may make placement of the safety nosing difficult.

• Safety nosing placement may be difficult in concrete with very slow slump.

• Place concrete into the stair forms or steel pans as quickly as possible; schedule pours so as to install the metal safety nosings quickly before initial set of concrete occurs.

• Puddle the concrete, tamp the safety nosing to insure proper concrete formation around the anchors.

• Remove protective tape (if used) as soon as practical.

• Order nosings or treads well in advance of the pour or installation date.

• Close stairway after pour; permit no use for 24 hours.

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