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Overall Athletic Gym Floor Covers
Preserve the finish of fine sports flooring.


Overall Athletic Gym Floor Covers have been engineered to protect expensive gymnasium floors from the damaging effects of chairs, high heels, chewing gum, spilled drinks and almost any other kind of abuse that might result from using the gym for extracurricular and non-sports related activities such as assemblies, graduation cerimonies, rallies, conventions, flea markets, trade shows, rainy day camp programs, craft fairs, fundraising events and public gatherings.

Overall Athletic Gym Floor Covers are available in three different grades to help accomodate the widest possible range of usage levels. All of these cover grades meet the California Fire Marshall Standards and are anti-fungal and feature aditives to make them rot and mildew resistant.
Available in three material weights:

Light Weight Applications 13 oz Vinyl 6 uses per year
Medium Weight Applications 18 oz Vinyl 20 uses per year
Heavy Weight Applications 22 oz Vinyl 30+ uses per year

The heavier the vinyl coating, the stronger the vinyl fabric will be. The stronger fabric will generally be more resistant to tears and punctures.

Overall Athletic Gym Floor Covers are constructed in 10’ wide sections and can be made to almost any length requirement. Seams are heat sealed and welded to offer maximum durability.

How to determine material requirements for appropriate floor coverage: Allow for a 6” to 12” overlap from one floor covering section to another. Standard rolls are provided in 10’ wide sections by specified lengths per order. The 10’ width is accommodated by the storage rack and the use of the widest width will also mean the need for fewer seams to tape, which similarly means less tape required for each application. Tape is "one-time-use" type and gets discarded after each use. If the storage rack is not to be included in the program, the use of 10’ wide sections would still be suggested but with shorter lengths in order to limit the weight of each section. The material weighs about 0.13 lbs per square foot. A roll 10’ wide x 100’ long weighs approximately 130 lbs., which wouldusually be too more difficult to handle without the portable rack.

Portable Storage and Deployment Rack Unit
(1) All welded 3/16” structural steel frame with (2) steel clips for easy attachment. (3) High quality roller brackets with Delrin bearings. (4) Colson brand ball bearing casters with Santoprene Softread to protect floor.

Covers can also be stored folded if the portable rack is not used. Though one side of the facric is smoother than the other, neither side is refered to as "top" or "bottom" and neither side wears differently than the other.
Delrin Bearings Coleman Casters
The Delrin bearing is an engineered product from DuPont. This bearing is very effective through a wide temperature range. An excellent bearing to use where water or other liquids are present, the bearing is corrosion resistant.  


Color Selection Chart

Custom Emblem and Logo Designs can be applied by the mill to any of the Overall Athletic Gym Floor Cover. Products with personalization, emblems or logos are applied using a screen printing method using a screen printing ink, which requires no additional care. Please provide camera ready art and details of the application, and we will respond with an artist proof for your evaluation and approval.


How to Order - Please provide the dimensions of the areas to be covered, contact name, organizational name, phone and fax numbers, e-mail address, destination city, state and Zip Code for the freight part of the quotation. Thank you.
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