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Overall Athletic Stage Pads
Protective for the front of stages and similar run off impediments

    Overall Athletic Stage Pads provide full stage front protection and safety. They are removable "L-shaped" pads featuring 2" thick polyethylene foam clad in 18 ounce per square yard sewn vinyl covers, which can be mounted mounts to the stage with Velcro and VelcroStick or with traditional 3/8" inner diameter brass grommetted tabs and screws and washers. They weigh approximately one pound per square foot and are available in a wide variety of colors and can be factory painted with emblems, logos or other similar spot color personalization or decorations. Pads are supplied in sizes convienient to access requirements to under-stage storage areas or to facilitate shipping or storage requirements for the units themselves.

Pads are quoted based on size requirements. Provide dimensions for custom sized pads giving the overall length of stage to be covered, the height of the front of the stage, the length of the various sections that my be required for access to under-stage storage doors and the number and size of any cut outs required such as cut outs for access to audio plugs or electrical outlets. Standard size: 4' wide x 36" high x 12" deep, i.e. across the top of stage.

Grommetted Mounting Tab
Velcro Mounting Hardware side view
Stage Pads Typical Appication Drawing
Velcro Mounting Hardware to be adhered to stage.
Velcro Mounting Hardware perspective view



Overall Athletic Stage Pads can be supplied in a wide range of standard colors and can have school or organizational emblems and special designs applied. The installation is fairly straight forward involving. Pads are over sized and ship via common carrier. Should replacement panels ever become necessary, they are redily available and can usually be shipped in small quantities by UPS.

Color Selection Chart
Rich Red
Royal Blue
Kelly Green
Dark Maroon
Flair Red
champino blue
Galaxy Grey
Sky Blue
Forest Green
Champion Blue


Custom Emblem and Logo Designs can be applied by the mill to any of the Overall Athletic Stage Pads. Please provide camera ready art and details of the application, and we will respond with an artist proof for your evaluation and approval. Click HERE to see a typical Art for Approval and finished set of personalized Overall Athletic Stage Pads. The completed Overall Athletic Stage Pads for this project can be reviewed by clicking HERE. (Please Note: Current example is actually that of a Wall Pad, however the process is very similar and the results would be as well).

Lettering Styles - A wide variety of lettering styles and fonts are available. Click the styles below to see charts with some of the more popular fonts and styles.
Solid Single Color Letters
Outlined 2-Color Letters
Two-Color Drop Shadow Left Letters
Two-Color Drop Shadow Right Letters



How to Order - Click HERE for handy diagram and measuring guidelines related to getting a custom price quotation for Overall Athletic Stage Pads. Measuring for custom cut outs is fairly straight forward and requires clarity in explaining cutout locations, precission in measuring and consistancy in measuring from the same exact starting points in all instances. Click HERE to see our Guidelines for How to Measure Cutout Locations. Please provide contact name, organizational name, phone and fax numbers, e-mail address, destination city, state and Zip Code for the freight part of the quotation. Send art for custom emblems or logos in .JPG or .PDF format. Thank you.
Product Number
Summary Description
Detailed Description
Overall Athletic Reverse Fold Protective Stage Pads - Custom
Overall Athletic Stage Pad; Foam: [Polyurethane/Polyester]; 14 oz cover; __ long x __high; 12" lip; Color: __; Art: Y/N; (Velcro/Grommet); $/ea (rack#: sm-cust)
Custom Quote
Overall Athletic Velcro Stick Attachment for Overall Athletic Stage Pad
Velcro Stick Attachment for Overall Athletic Stage Pads $/ea (rack#: sm-ac-10-vel)
$8.35/Linear Foot



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