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Natural Cork Bath and Comfort Mats
Standing on it is like getting a foot massage for free

    Natural Cork Bath and Comfort Mats - can be used in any room in the home for comfort and for safety. They are naturally resilient and have a slip resistant surface. Cork does not absorb water. So, when used in the bathroom or where ever water is present, just prop mat up after use to allow it to dry completely between uses.

Please Note: Natural Cork Bath and Comfort Mats are not intended for use inside of a bathtub or shower inclosure.


Details - Substitute your old textile bath mat that is probably a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria with a Natural Cork Bath and Comfort Mat. They are naturally antifungal because they are hydrophobic, which means they do not absorbe water or moisture of any kind They dry as quickly as the atmosphere around them will allow. They provide a soft, slip resistant surface and feel terrific underfoot.

The manufacturer of Natural Cork Bath and Comfort Mat is a certified member of the Forest Stewardship Council Portugal, which insures that their products are sustainably harvested. The way cork is grown and used leaves the cork tree alive and growing even after the cork, which is its bark, has been removed.

Natural Cork Bath and Comfort Mat Price List
Natural Cork Bath & Comfort Mat 17" x 24" - Minimum Quantity 1,000 mats
Product Number Summary Description Detailed Description Price/mat
Price for 1,000 mats
Cork Bath Mat; 17"x24"
Natural Cork Bath & Comfort Mat; 1/2"x17"x24"; natural color; flat back; wavy domed top; radius corners; 1.6#/mat; $/mat 1,000 mat minimum (rack#:: 5980-101-2417)
Lead time: 10 to 12 weeks after receipt of order.
Prices are Exclusiove of shipping and related charges.

How to Order - Please provide contact name, company name, phone, fax, e-mail address, size(s) and number of mats to be ordered, and destination city, state and Zip Code for the shipping part of the quotation.


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