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Big D Matting System
Interlocking Matting for Surefooted Anti-fatigue and Wet Area Uses

   Big D Matting System offers three unique styles of interlocking comfort tiles for use in sports areas, work and leisure environments where secure footing is essential. Institutions and public facilities that want to minimize the likelihood of accident, injury and disease can use the Big D Matting System to do just that. Beveled safety edges can be supplied in contrasting colors for added safety.


Crafted from recycled plastic, the Big D product is an interlocking roll-up matting system designed for ground conditions where footing can be difficult or dangerous. It is available in a variety of patterns and colors, is simple to install, free draining and easy to clean.
Big D Mat Roll

Barefoot Drain Tile System was designed to prevent the growth of micro-organisms which cause skin disease such as athlete’s foot and tinea. It can be used to create a healthier environment in sports locker rooms, shower facilities and swimming pool areas by keeping peoples' feet away from pooled or standing water and debris, which may contain such micro-organisms while, at the same time, providing a sure grip for wet feet.

Aqua Step Drain Tile Model

Aqua Step Drain Tile System feature 144 tiny (4mm) drain holes per tile which can quickly disperse any surface water from the face of the mat. Because the holes are so small, the mat can be used with confidence in public area where conventional shoes including high heeled shoes may be worn. Suggested uses include exhibitors who have indoor/outdoor displays and the operators of public swimming pools. It is excellent for the protection of ceramic tiles from scuba tanks where the pool is being used for diver training. It can also be used for temporary grass protection where crowd damage may occur. It can also serve as deck area cover for utility vehicles to prevent load shift.

Aqua Step Drain Tile Model

Aqua Step Drain Tile Model

Cushion Tred Matting System - offers many of the features of the drain tile systems but can be selected for use where narrow or even stiletto heels may be worn. This system is ideal for use as anti-fatigue flooring in conditions where staff, workers or customers have to stand for long periods of time.

Cushion Tred Model

Cushion Tred features a free draining under-structure which provides excellent insulation from cool and damp floors. It can typically be used for gyms, aerobic floors, as well as bar and food service areas. Other uses include marine vessel interiors and internal walkways.

Big D Mat
The Sports and Safety model represents real value, reducing the possibility of injuries and their associated costs. The tiles can be easily cut to conform to existing structures and traffic patterns. They can also be laid in a variety of patterns to form designs.
Sports & Safety Model
Temperature: Suitable for use in temperatures ranging from -86F (-30C) to +184F (+90C).
Material: Rubber and flexible PVC. Click here for Big D Fire Test Results.
Packaging: Packed in boxes of 20 tiles with the box size being 20-3/8" (515 mm) long x 20-3/8" (515 mm) wide x 6" (150 mm) high. A full 20 ft. container holds approximately 14,600 tiles. 
Color Choices
Colors: Black, Grey, Blue, White, Green, Yellow, Red

Dimensions: Tile: 20" x 10" x 9/16" (500 mm x 250 mm x 15 mm). Edge: 20" x 2-1/2" x 9/16" Corner Edge: 22" x 2-1/2" x 9/16". Dimensions are nominal.

Installation: For easy interlocking of tiles and edge ramps apply soapy water to male and female lugs and tap together with a hammer. For permanent fixture apply a small amount of PVC glue or cement to the lugs before interlocking. Assembly can be Plain, matching similar dimension to similar dimension; Parquet or Brick.
In Brick Style applications tiles at the opposite ends of alternating row will need to be cut in half and the cut away the part used on the opposite row end. Edge Ramps can not be attached to cut tiles unless lugs on the ramps are also cut away and PVC cement is used to attach the ramp.
When an "Insdie Corner" with a Beveled Safety Edge is required, a little cutting will be needed to accompish it. Using an angular cutting tool, draw a line on a Beveled Safty Edge where the angular Inside Corner is to be created. Do the same thing to its matching oposite side and place the two corner elements together. In a square corner, the inside mitering would be, effectively the joining together of two opposite 45 degree angular cut Beveled Safety Edges. Once this icomplete, build the Center tiles and the remaining Beveled Edges to complete the installatuion. The following photos should provide the key aspects to accomplish this type of installtion.
Big D Beveled Edge Inside Corner - measured to cut
Big D Beveled Edge Inside Corner - completed cut
Big D Beveled Edge Inside Corner

Prices are exclusive of freight which will be quoted on request. Deliveries to NY, CT and NJ will have applicable Sales Tax added to invoice.


The Mat King descusses various aspects regarding the Big D Interlocking Drain and Comfort Matting:

We invite you to watch the following series of brief videos in which The Mat King, Drew Kopf, points out certain features of the Big D Interlocking Drain and Comfort Matting that might be of interest to organizations, building owners and managers and safety officers, who are considering ways of addressing wet area situations or areas that require anti-fatigue values in the matting requirements for thier personell:

The Mat King Vinyl Link Logo and Emblem Mat Videos:

Two Types - Drain Mats and Comfort Mats - Time: 1:37 - Drew Kopf explains the two types of Big D Interlocking Tiles

Recorded December 2015.

Video re Vinyl Link Mat Deployment
Color Options and Uses of the colors - Time: 2:21 - Drew Kopf discusses the variety of colors in The Mat King Big D Interlocking Matting. Recorded December 2015.
Video re Vinyl Link Mat Deployment

Interlocking in Six Ways - Very Big Advantages - Time: 1:39 - Drew Kopf describes how special the interlocking system is on the Big D Matting.

Recorded November 2015.

Video re Vinyl Link Mat Deployment

General Introduction to the Big D Interlocking Drain and Comfort Matting -

Time: 2:14 - Drew Kopf gives a overview of Big D Matting.

Recorded December 2015

Video re Vinyl Link Mat Deployment

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