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Guidelines Solid Circuit ESD Vinyl Ribbed Matting
Staic Electric Dispersal Matting

    Guidelines Solid Circuit ESD Vinyl Ribbed Matting is matting that effectively protects electronic equipment from malfunction and employees from the unpleasant effects due to electrostatic discharge. It is hardwaring and maintenance-free. It provides permanent static energy dispersal is comfortable, hygenic and slip resistant. The matting is independently tested and certified and is easy to shape and to deploy.



Electro static discharge matting

Price Chart

Product Number Summary Description Detailed Description Price/ Roll
5555-403-0333 Guidelines Grip-Tight Duckboard Matting 3'x33' Brown Guidelines Grip-Tight  Vinyl Duckboard Matting BROWN 5/8" x 3 FT x 33 FT; 247.5#; heavy-duty industrial $/roll (rack#: VYN3BR) $1,069.84



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