Coca-Cola Wait Station Logo Mats
Helping make Coca-Cola the acknowledged "most famous" logo on the planet.

  Q:  Why did we pick this small corner to head up the page featuring the Coca-Cola Wait Station Logo Mat?

   A:  We wanted to demonstrate the impressive strength of the mat in some way short of sending out a sample. 

   Just look at the depth of the gripper surface; the clean distinctive lines of the letters; the bold and sleek accent of the border as it makes the turn at the corner to frame the logo which nearly jumps off the mat right into your eyes when you see it.

Coca-Cola Wait Station Logo Mat

We thought about devoting an entire page to a full sized scan of the Coca-Cola Wait Station Logo Mat. After all, it takes up the entire field of our scanner. But the mat is so substantial that it would have to be viewed by scrolling or panning across the screen and you would never get its full impact. 

So, we decided to experiment by reducing the entire scan down and displaying it on its side. First one way; then the other. (Click HERE for the other way). 

If you tip your head one way and then the other, we think you'll get a better feel for the mat we like to think of as "The Real Thing" in Coca-Cola Wait Station Logo Mats. 

Coca-Cola Wait Station Logo Mat

Mat Size:  12 in. x 9 in. overall
Logo Area:  7-3/4" in. x 3-3/8" in. overall

The Coca-Cola Wait Station Logo Mat is made of 100% molded Vinyl. It is the perfect product to  position right were the wait staff places and picks up their beverage orders. It is a bright and clear reminder to say, "How 'bout a Coke?" when they are are back out on the dining room floor. It hold the glasses and cups securely, stands out as a beacon marking the place where beverages will be found, and will hold its ground in the busiest of times. 

Colors: Any color as long as it is Coca-Cola Red and White.

The Coca-Cola Wait Station Logo Mat is actually a great idea for any logo and can be made in any color and can be used a a fabulous "Change Mat" at the cash register check-out area. The logo is made in a special insert mold that drops in to the main mold. This keeps the tooling charges to a minimum while give the most mat for every mat investment dollar. They come packaged in individual poly bags 25 per carton. They clean up with soap and water and are resistant to fading. They are one quarter of an inch (1/4") thick and weigh one pound each.
Product Number Description



Wait Station Logo Mat 12 in. x 9 in. with 7-3/4" in. x 3-3/8" logo area



Wait Station Logo Mat Tooling Charge $500.00 nominal*
* Tooling charges are subject to evaluation of the art.

Logo Insert

Prices are exclusive of freight.  
Minimum order: 100 mats.
Quantity discounts quoted on request.
Full sized sample mats are available for evaluation subject to a refundable deposit of $75.00 exclusive of round trip freight and handling of $18.00. 

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