Made-to-Measure Logo and Custom Designed Flooring Inserts

       There is perhaps no more emphatic a statement of commitment to longevity that an organization can make than to have its name, logo or emblem incorporated into the very fabric of its buildings.

       Visitors to a facility and everyone who works there, including the owners themselves, read the meaning behind a custom designed floor or a specially rendered corporate logo inlaid into the flooring of a lobby: 

"We are here to stay"



Office Lobby - Sheet Vinyl, 20,000 square feet

How to Order
       Retail establishments can gain tremendously in terms of brand loyalty and recognition by luxurious reiterations of their company name, logo, and brands on the floors at store entrances, major display areas; even in elevators.

       We have a natural tendency to glance downward from time-to-time while we walk  around, especially at entrances and at exits where a change in terrain can be expected and where the need to negotiate a door saddle or the like is normal.

       Having a logo at such junctures that can register quickly in the viewer's mind is bound to make just the right subliminal impression at the optimum moment; the "buying" moment.   

Retail Store - Rubber & Luxury Vinyl



       The Mat King is able to accommodate any architectural or designer specification and to work with building owners, flooring or general contractors to produce Made-to-Measure in almost any flooring product by any manufacturer. Projects can be quoted either "with material" where The Mat King would order the flooring products selected by the customer, or "labor only" where the customer purchases the material from a third parts and consigns it to The Mat King for fabrication.




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