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Real Foam Rubber for Many Purposes

     The Mat King Rubber Works is a leading manufacturer of standard and custom engineered cellular rubber products worldwide. It offers quality engineered products and service second to none. The Mat King Rubber Works offers a  wide range of  cellular rubber products available in natural rubber, neoprene, EPDM, nitrile, SBR, sponge / cork, electrostatic dissipative and custom-designed compounds. Continuously cured rolls offer multiple thickness and width options, along with the ability to combine textile substrates for many diversified applications.

The Mat King Rubber Works


NOTE: Information of a technical nature is based on laboratory tests which either The Mat King conducts or sends to an independent laboratory for testing for determination of uses as requested in writing by customer. The Mat King believes these to be reliable. However, The Mat King has no control over the application of the material to or part of the final PRODUCT and THEREFORE The Mat King makes NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF RESULT, FITNESS OR MERCHANTABILITY. The customer should determine reliability for the end use or particular application.



The Mat King Rubber Works



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