Soil Stopper Mat
Wipe Dirt-Clogged Shoe Bottoms Whistle Clean

       The Mat King Soil Stopper Mat is one of the best mats to keep shoe dirt out of your house. Top-quality molded rubber features hundreds of resilient finger-tips uses deep-clean brushing action to wipe dirt off footwear - keeps dirt out of sight, below mat surface. Beveled edge keeps water and soil contained for easy cleanout - just shake, vacuum or hose.

Soil Stopper Mat

       For added safety, corrugated back pattern helps prevent mat movement and beveled edge helps prevent tripping. 5/8" thick for extra long life. Available in black, warranty 3 years. Choice of sizes: 24"x 32"; 32"x 39"; 36"x 72".

Color Choices: Black

Soil Stopper Mat
Product Number Description Price  
Soil Stopper Mat 5/8" x 24" x 32"; 11#; Black 3 year warranty (rack: MA sr42BK)
$91.44 Please call to order
Soil Stopper Mat 5/8" x 32" x 39"; 20#; Black Molded Rubber 3 year warranty (rack#: MA SK29BK)
$166.67 Please call to order
Soil Stopper Mat; Black molded rubber 5/8"x36"x72"; 36# 3 year warranty (rack: MA FG62)
$293.98 Please call to order
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