Century-Long Matting - Cleaning and Maintenance Guidelines

Initial clean-up and daily care are the keys to low overall maintenance requirements. The Matting may be cleaned with a mop to remove heavy dust and dirt. The matting may be washed with a neutral detergent (pH range 7 - 10) and warm water. Follow the detergent manufacturer's instructions. Remove the detergent solution with a wet vacuum or a mop. Rinse the matting with clean water and wet vacuum or mop dry. The matting must be throughly rinsed to remove all detergent film.

For seriously soiled matting, a more rigorous cleaning effort may be required. A large number of cleaning materials have been evaluated for their broad band effectiveness and compatibility with Century-Long Matting compounds. The most effective material that has been identified to date is a cleaning product called "Crystal Simple Green". This material is an all-purpose industrial-strength degreaser and cleaner.

Some of the noteworthy features this product demonstrates include:

Fragrance-free and colorless

Non-toxic and non-flammable

Non-abrasive and biodegradable

This material is exempt from OSA and EPA requirements and as such requires no special handling and no personal protective equipment for its use. It has been widely utilized in industrial, cosmetics, medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing environments. It is made without solvents and thus has no ozone-depleting substances and no VOC's.

"Crystal Simple Green" can be used in concentrtations ranging from full strength to 5:1 dilutions in water, dependent upon severity of the soil requiring removal. The working principal is a chemical process known as material particle fractionalization. Soaking soiled surfaces allows maximum cleaning benefit. Using a clean section of the rag or mop also facilitates clean-up activities by avoiding redepositing of soil onto the matting surface.

Click HERE to see Material Safety Data Sheet.


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