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New Generation Slip Resistant Metal Flooring
Durable, Functional and Superior in the Most Severe Environments

New Generation Slip Resistant Flooring is manufactured using a unique laser deposition process in which hundreds of rugged, custom alloy slip-resistant laser deposits are delivered to each square foot of a steel plate substrate in a defined matrix, which provides an omni-directional slip-resistance allowing for a safe flow of traffic regardless of the path.


What might be called The First Generation of safety floor plate is commonly known as diamond or checkered floor plate. This product is mill rolled with protrusions. It is superior if compared to smooth steel plate, however; it becomes extremely slippery when wet or worn.
What could be termed The Second Generation of safety floor plate added additional slip-resistance, which consisted of covering the base plate with an abrasive surface. This was accomplished either by mill rolling or by bonding the surface with metalizing flame spray. Both the first and second generation products have served the market adequately, however they both have inherent drawbacks. The base plate for metalizing spray applications requires expensive surface preparation often leading to flaking or peeling of the slip-resistant surface, thereby significantly reducing the life cycle of these products. Flame sprays are applied at molten temperatures that often leads to warpage of the plates upon cooling. Additionally, in many cases the flexural properties of the abrasive surface are different from the base metal, leading to delamination when subject to repetitive loads. Fabrication of the second generation plates is frequently difficult, as forming and galvanizing generally leads to delamination of the surface.
What we refer to as the New Generation of safety floor plate is designed to assure safety in the workplace. New Generation Slip Resistant Flooring laser deposits are individually welded into the plate matrix and are tested to have superior adhesion, thereby eliminating flaking or peeling. Each deposit is quickly fused to the plate in a way that minimizes heat buildup over the entire plate. This eliminates warpage, associated with second generation products.

New Generation Slip Resistant Flooring are manufactured with recycled materials and are themselves fully recyclable. Unlike other slip-resistant floor products, there is no generation of smoke, overspray, hazardous or solid waste during the fabrication of New Generation Slip Resistant Flooring.



The durability of New Generation Slip Resistant Metal Flooring originates with the substrate selected. It is available in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum and other alloy metals, in 14 gauge ASTM-A-569 steel, to any thickness of ASTM A-36 steel for structural applications, or in the alloy and thickness that you require. New Generation Slip Resistant Metal Flooring provides the best slip-resistant surface available. While these durable steel substrates provide a solid foundation for the finished product, substrate strength is only the beginning.

The true life-cycle of safety floor plates is traditionally determined not by the substrate, but rather slip-resistant properties generated by the traction surface. The traction providing laser depositions on New Generation Slip Resistant Metal Flooring have been tested for hardness and adherence by independent testing laboratories and these results assure that this generation of flooring will provide unsurpassed service life.

Laboratory analysis has measured the hardness of New Generation Slip Resistant Metal Flooring traction providing custom alloy laser depositions at up to 60 on the Rockwell C Scale. Under the heaviest pedestrian or vehicular traffic, these deposits will provide continuous, safe, effective service. (Be reminded, that similar to all abrasive surface steel safety floor plates, New Generation Slip Resistant Metal Flooring should not be installed in areas subject to steel-wheeled vehicular traffic.)

The cross-sectional photograph below illustrates the deep penetration of the symmetrical laser deposition into the steel substrate. Laboratory tested, the deposition penetrates the steel substrate and is enclosed by a strengthened heat affected zone. The resulting bond strength combined with the proven deposition hardness provides unsurpassed durability regardless of wear or abrasion.

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Cross sectional view.

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