Maintenance and Cleaning Guidelines for The Mat King Vinyl Backed Coco Matting

Maintenance and Cleaning Guidelines for The Mat King Vinyl Backed Coco Matting

Please Note: The following instructions or guidelines for maintaining The Mat King Vinyl Backed Cocoa Matting supersede any verbal or written ones from The Mat King representatives and must be adhered to in order for the product warranty to remain in effect.

Some Background: Vinyl Backed Cocoa Matting is “deep” by its very nature. Its vinyl backing is about 1/4” in thickness, which leaves the length of the matting cocoa fibers anywhere from about 1/2” in length to up to a full inch in length.  With that as a basic understanding and introduction, it should be known that it is not uncommon for cleaners to find significant quantities of sand, tiny rocks, small shards of metal and even items as large as paper clips “hiding” amongst the cocoa fibers of Vinyl Backed Cocoa Matting. If that type of debris, which was mostly scraped or brushed off the bottoms and from within the cleats of a great number of shoe bottoms and dropped by accident as people waited in doorways for their rides, was left untouched while just the uppermost parts of the cocoa fibers were cleaned, then the sand, for the most part, and the other materials to some extent, would, over time, abrade the lower portion of the cocoa fibers, which would eventually cause those fibers to break down and get disconnected from the matting itself. The remaining cocoa fibers would lean from one side to the other, depending on the traffic flow, and be subjected to a completely different type of attack, since the sides of the cocoa fibers would be, then, getting the direct exposure to the shoe bottoms rather than the prickly and strong tips of the cocoa fibers which would have scratched away at the soil in and on the bottoms of people’s shoes.

Too much of that treatment would result in the wearing away of the Vinyl Backed Cocoa Matting in the high traffic areas. Eventually, the cocoa fibers would get completely decimated and there would be nothing but the vinyl base of the mat showing through, while the outer areas of the Vinyl Backed Cocoa Matting would still be functional but not where the people typically walk. The old fashioned way of starting the most effective cleaning of Vinyl Backed Cocoa Matting is to protect against this build up of trapped debris at the root level or base of the matting, by turning the matting upside down in its recessed well or where the surfaced mounted matting is in service and simply walking on the matting in tiny steps such that the entirety of the matting’s underside has been “agitated,” which would result in the loosening of the trapped debris and that debris would fall onto the flooring below. Then, once the matting is rolled up, the debris that had been “hiding” within it will be able to be cleaned up off of the base of the recessed well or from the floor where the surface mounted matting had been deployed, and then the matting can be cleaned according to the guidelines that follow.

We refer to this “turning of the matting upside down and walking on its underside” as old fashioned because it was done way before the hugely powerful vacuums and extractors came into being. But, we recommend the use of this "old fashioned" method of debris evacuation to maximize the effective life expectancy of The Mat King Vinyl Backed Cocoa Matting.

Preventative Maintenance: Because 90% of all dirt in a building comes in on footwear, we strongly recommend installing and maintaining entrance matting
(preferably permanently installed) at all outdoor entrances (20 - 30 linear feet for major entrances; less for infrequently used entrances). Doing this has been shown to improve indoor air quality, reduce flooring maintenance costs, and extend the longevity of interior flooring.

Safety: Always post “Wet floor” and/or “Caution” tape when wet maintenance is going to be performed. Refer to cleaners’ MSDS for any Personal Protective
Equipment requirements.

Routine Cleaning
1. Vacuum the Vinyl Backed Cocoa Matting with a heavy-duty commercial vacuum (rotary brushes recommended) to remove all dirt and grit. This is the single most important maintenance activity for preserving the floor’s appearance and performance – and typically the most overlooked and omitted. Post “wet
floor” signs.
     a. A slow pass against the carpet pile is more effective than several quick passes.
     b. A vacuum brush will open up the tufts.
     c. Agitation will loosen the soil.
     d. Slow movement allows time for air to circulate through the face of the yarn and extract the soil.

Periodic Cleaning
Absorbent powder is recommended for interim cleaning. The powder contains a carrier, which incorporates a solvent and detergent so that oil and water debris can be absorbed by the powder.

1. Spread the powder on the carpet.
2. Allow the powder to absorb dirt and moisture from the carpet.
3. Vacuum the carpet with a heavy-duty commercial vacuum (rotary brushes recommended) to remove all dirt and grit. Post “wet floor" signs.

Deep Cleaning
Eventually, Vinyl Backed Cocoa Matting will require more intensive cleaning. The frequency of such cleanings will depend upon the amount of traffic in the area.
The most effective method for deep cleaning is hot water extraction.
1. Move any furniture or fixtures to expose the entire surface of the Vinyl Backed Cocoa Matting.
2. Vacuum the Vinyl Backed Cocoa Matting to remove any loose soil to allow the extractor to be as effective as possible.
3. Plug in the extractor and allow the wash tank to heat the water. Add defoamer to the extraction tank to prevent excess foaming.
4. Inject the steam into the carpet according to the instructions on the machine being used.
5. Pull the cleaning wand slowly toward you.
6. Many extractors instruct users to close the cleaner dispenser valve just
before your first line so the solution will not "puddle".
7. Lift the wand and return it to the original position and then pull it again to vacuum up the excess water.
8. Begin a new line with it slightly overlapping the previous one.
9. Work quickly to avoid over-wetting the Vinyl Backed Cocoa Matting. Do not let the Vinyl Backed Cocoa Matting soak. Excess water can take significant amounts of time to dry, which would make the Vinyl Backed Cocoa Matting unusable until such time as it is fully dried.
10. Allow the carpet time to dry completely and vacuum it again.

Spot Removal and Cleaning Methods.
1. Solvent > blot > detergent > blot > water > blot
2. Detergent > blot > ammonia > blot > detergent > blot > water > blot
3. Solvent > detergent > blot > water > blot
4. Detergent > blot > white vinegar > detergent > blot > water > blot
5. Detergent > blot > ammonia > blot > white vinegar > blot > water > blot
6. Detergent > blot > white vinegar > blot > ammonia > blot > water > blot
7. Freeze with ice cubes > shatter with blunt object > vacuum > solvent > wait several minutes > blot. Repeat as necessary.
8. Blot > water > blot > ammonia > detergent > blot > water > blot
9. Denatured alcohol > blot > white vinegar. Repeat if necessary.
10. Call a carpet cleaning professional
11 Use cold ingredients detergent > blot > ammonia blot > detergent > blot > water> blot
12 Detergent > blot > vinegar > blot > ammonia > blot > detergent > blot > water





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