Tier One Colorful Cocoa Matting
High quality vinyl backed cocoa matting in a wider range of colors

Strident Brown Strident Red brown

Strident Brown

Strident Red



Natural Coir - Tan
Grey Blue

Natural Coir (Tan)

Strident Grey



Strident Grey

Uses: Tier One Colorful Cocoa Matting is often the designer's "Go To" entrance matting product when the client seeks a Natural "Look" but still wants the entrance matting to complement the colors of the lobby decor.  Made from the almost indestructible outer husk of the coconut, cocoa fibers are tufted into a sturdy yet flexible vinyl base which allows for ease of maintenance, simple installation and conformability to contours and shapes without the concern for binding edges or the unraveling of material.

Sizes: Tier One Colorful Cocoa Matting is available in three thicknesses: 5/8", 3/4" and 1" and in either Full Rolls or Custom Cut pieces. Full Rolls are 78" x from 40' to 49' in length in Unbleached Natural and colors and in 48"x from 40' to 49' in length in Unbleached Natural.

Custom Cuts: Tier One Colorful Cocoa Matting can be precision cut to create special designs,  numbers, letters, or multi-colored company logos. Please feel free to submit your logo or design requirement and we will be pleased to prepare a custom proposal with price and delivery details. Please include the dimensions of the area to be covered, the number of copies of the mat required and the "Ship To" city, state and Zip Code with your request.


Prices: Tier One Colorful Cocoa Matting in less that Full Roll s is cut from Full Widths. Customer pays for material ordered and the waste generated by such cuts.

Pricing Example: An order for one 4'x6' mat will be cut from a piece 6'-6" x 4'. The customers mat is 24 square feet. The waste generated is 6"x4' or 2 square feet of material. Custome would pay for the entire 26 square feet of material
Prices are exclusive of freight. Please provide contact phone number(s), destination City, State and Zip Code with request for quotation.
Deliveries to NY, CT and NJ will have appropriate sales tax added to final invoice.

Application: Tier One Colorful Cocoa Matting may be applied as surface mounted matting which would require beveled safety edging at traffic transition points. It can also be placed in a recessed well to avoid the necessity of f negotiating the difference in terrain when moving from outside the building, through the entrance area and onto the main lobby floor. The use of a metal frame inside the recessed well is suggested to protect the surrounding flooring and to insure the integrity of the walls of the recessed well and thereby against any possibility of mat migration or edge failure.
The Mat King offers a full range of recessed well frames. Click Here to review them.


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