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Revolving Doormats and Grates
Getting People In and Out of Your Building's Revolving Doors

    Revolving Doormats and Grates are alternatives to using regular flooring inside the confines of an archtectural revolving doorway.

At first glance one might say, "It's no big deal? Let the people walking through a revolving door walk on the same flooring they will be walking on once they are in the building."

That might be fine for the average person. But, if we are talking about a person in their mid to late eighties or older or a two-and-a-half year old or younger child, negotiating the pathway of a revolving door can be rather challanging.

Then, if we add rain or small clumps of ice or snow that might have been tracked or carried in on the shoulders of people beforfe them, we are talking about some very significant tripping hazards that can be potentially dangerous.

When someone enters a Revolving Door they expect the flooring inside to provide dependable traction so that as they walk along the curved pathway from the entrance to he exit of the revolving door system, that they will feel and actually be secure as they advance step by step while, at the same time, pushing the door or simply following the door as it moves automatically in front of them.

Let's face it. Wet flooring can be slippery. The floor matting or grating that is provided inside a revolving door should offer dependable traction even when wet, where regular flooring would not, and, if possible, as an added advantage, the matting or grating should allow moisture and dirt to wkork their way through the material to a space below where the moisture can evaporate in time given the righrt condiions and where the grit and dirt can gather until those in chage of the building's maintenance cleans it out.

The Mat King offers the following options for your consideration when dealing with Revolving Doors where a recessed mat or grate can be installed.

Up State Rugged Rubber Recycled Tire Tiles:

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Up State Aluminum Rail Entrance Grates

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Watershed Stainless Steel Grates

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Prestige Entrance Mats and Grates

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