Ice and Snow Control Stair Treads
Year round outdoor stair safety.

Ice and Snow Control Stair Treads combine the best features of Extruded Aluminum and Aluminum-Oxide Aggregate Abrasive Insert Replacement Stair Treads with an integrated electric heating element to form a durable surefooted stair upgrade system that can keep outdoor Snow Belt stairs free of ice and snow without the need of salt or shovels. Just add electric power and you’re good to go.

Ice and Snow Control Stair Treads are available in widths (measuring from front to back) of nine inches (9") and eleven inches (11") and have a 1-1/8" straight (90°) nose. They are custom made to required lengths though priced to full-foot increments. Standard full foot sizes are: 24”, 36”, 48”, 60”, 72”, 84”, 96”, 108” and 120”. See Price List. They are appropriate for use over existing stairs fabricated from wood, brick, stone (except for sand stone) cement and metal. They carry a Life Time Warrantee on the Treads exclusive of the heating element and a ten year warrantee on the heating element. The treads draw 40 watts of electrical power per linear foot in either width.

Installation requires a licensed electrician which is to be provided locally by others. Allow 2 to 3 weeks for fabrication after receipt of order.

Ice and Snow Control Stair Treads are supplied pre-drilled with Stainless Steel Tapcon Screws. Please Note: It is important not to drill additional holes in the treads.

Colors: Light Green, Light Brown, Light Red, Concrete Grey, Dark Green, Dark Brown, Dark Red, Blue, Safety Yellow, Black or White.

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Ice and Snow Control Stair Treads are 9/32" in thickness shown here exclusive of integrated heating element, which is approximately 14 mil thick and 12 gauge aluminum backing. Trailing edge and lateral sides are beveled for safety and ease of stair maintenance.


Simulated Installation over cement. Actual installation features electrical connector modual.
Simulated Installation over wood. Actual installation features electrical connector modual.


Ice and Snow Control Stair Tread with pre-drilled holes for Tapcon screws, which are provided, and electical connector. Installation should be performed by a licensed electrician.

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