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New World Athletic Wall Padding
Protective Wainscoting for Gym Walls and Seclusion Rooms

    New World Athletic Wall Pads are made for indoor applications and are constructed with either urethane, rebond or polyethelyne foam and are supported by 7/16" thick waferboard and encased in 14 ounce per square yard laminated vinyl fabric. They are available with or without a 1 inch wide installation nailing strip at the top and the bottom of each pad. Custom cut outs for light switches, electia outlets, audio or scoring equipment plugs can be made in the mill or at the installation site. Decorations such as corporate logos, military emblems or school mascots can be screen printedf on at the mill..

New World Fire Retardant Athletic Wall Pads are made in the same way as the standard pads but with material that enable the pads to pass extremely stringent fire safety and flamability codes such as ANSI-E84.


Custom Emblem and Logo Designs can be applied by the mill to any of the Ne w World Athletic Wall Pads. Please provide camera ready art and details of the application, and we will respond with an artist proof for your evaluation and approval.


How to Order a Custom Price Quotation - Provide details as to type of mats, intended application(s), sizes, quantities, if Hook and Loop connectors are required and if so on which ends or on all four sides, the type of foam to be used and the quantity of each size required., Please provide contact name, organizational name, phone and fax numbers, e-mail address, destination city, state and Zip Code for the freight part of the quotation. Thank you.
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