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Overall Athletic Wall Padding
Protective Wainscoting for Gym Walls and Seclusion Rooms

    Overall Athletic Wall Pads are engineered to provide a durable resilient "people friendly" wall covering in situations where walls are located closer to the field of play than would normally be acceptable and where the potential for participants to make inadvertent incidental contact exists and, therefore, needs to be addressed. Overall Athletic Wall Pads are made with 1-1/2" thick foam filler cemented to a wood backer and covered with an 18 ounce per square yard vinyl fabric cover, which is mechanically secured to the wood base with heavy duty staples. The units can be mounted to the walls with either the standard nail lips, which are a 1" wide sections of the wood back allowed to hyperextend the foam at both the top and the bottom of the pads, or with an "easy-on-easy-off" aluminum mounting track on the top edge and the standard nailing lip at the bottom. This second option makes removal and replacement somewhat easier to accomplish should the need occur.


Overall Athletic Wall Pads can be supplied in a wide range of standard colors and can have school or organizational emblems and special designs applied. The installation is fairly straight forward and can be accomplished by those familiar with standard woodworking and masonry nailing tools. Factory Quoting is based on gross measurements of the areas to be covered. Measured drawings indicating necessary cut outs or customizations are required for the mill to fabricate the pads to conform to the existing conditions. On site adjustments or changes if required can be can be effected with a minimum of effort by removing the securing staples from the vinyl cover and peeling back to preserve it, sawing the wood back and foam as needed to conform to the new requirement and then restapling the vinyl cover into place. Should replacement panels become necessary, they are redily available and can be shipped in small quantities by UPS.

Color Selection Chart
Rich Red
Royal Blue
Kelly Green
Dark Maroon
Flair Red
champino blue
Galaxy Grey
Sky Blue
Forest Green
Champion Blue


Custom Emblem and Logo Designs can be applied by the mill to any of the Overall Athletic Wall Pads. Please provide camera ready art and details of the application, and we will respond with an artist proof for your evaluation and approval. Click HERE to see a typical Art for Approval and finished set of personalized Overall Athletic Wall Pads. The completed Overall Athletic Wall Pads for this project can be reviewed by clicking HERE.


Lettering Styles - A wide variety of lettering styles and fonts are available. Click the styles below to see charts with some of the more popular fonts and styles.
Solid Single Color Letters
Outlined 2-Color Letters
Two-Color Drop Shadow Left Letters
Two-Color Drop Shadow Right Letters



Aluminum Edge Cover Aluminum Edge Cover
Aluminum Mold Trim A Folding Mat, such as the 6'x12' with Fighting Trojans Emblem pictured above, can be used as wall padding in certain situations where removable wall pads are desired such as in residential use or in multi-purpose rooms. Folding mats used as wall pads are held in place on the wall using Velcro.
"Z" Bracket Wall Pad Mounting System "Z" Bracket Wall Pad Mounting System - Cross Section View of Elements "Z" Bracket Wall Pad Mounting System Used to Mount Personalized Wall Pads
  Z-Bracket-Cross-Section Z-Bracket-Cross-Section
  "Z" Bracket Wall Pad Mounting System - Being Installed "Z" Bracket Wall Pad Mounting System - for Removable Outdoor Installation
  Z-Bracket-Wall-Pad-Being-Installed Z-Bracket-Outdoor-install
  "Z" Bracket Wall Pad Mounting System - Holding Top and Bottom of Wall Pad "Z" Bracket Wall Pad Mounting System - Shown on Back of Wall Pad
  Z-Bracket-holding-top-n-bottom-of-wall-pad Z-Bracket-on-back-of-wall-pad
  "Z" Bracket Wall Pad Mounting System - One Wall Pad Installed and One Pad Ready tobe Installed  


Overall Athletic Wall Padding
Product Number Summary Description Detailed escription Price
6071-000-0502 GYM - Pad/ Wall/ 5x2 Athletic Wall Pad 2"x5'x2'; 2" HD Foam; Cover: 14 oz Bruin vinyl; 7/16" wafer board back; 1"x2' nail lips; Color: ____; 60#/ea; $/ea (rack#: cfp-5x2-wall)
6071-000-0602 GYM - Pad/ Wall/ 6x2 Gym Wall Pad 2"x6'x2'; 2" HD Foam; Cover: 14 oz Bruin vinyl; 7/16" wafer board back; 1"x2' nail lips. Color: ____ $/each (rack#: cfp-wall-6x2)
6071-000-0604 GYM-Wall/Pad/6x4 Athletic Wall Pad, 2"x6'x4'; w/2" Hi Den Foam; Cover: 14oz Bruin vinyl; 7/16" wafer board backing w/1"x4' nailing lips; Color: ___; $/ea (rack#: cfp-wall-6x4)
6071-220-0624 GYM - Pad/ Wall/ Corner/ 6'/ 24"/ 2" Gym Wall OUTSIDE CORNER Pad 2" HD Foam; 6'x24" wings; Cover: 14 oz Bruin vinyl; 7/16" OSB; 1"x2' nail lips; Color: ____ $/ea (rack#: cfp-wcp-6-24-2)
6071-200-0602 GYM - Pad/ Wall/ Fire Ret/ 6x2 Wall Pad, w/Vonar Fire Ret Interliner, 6'x2'; 6# Rebond; #70 IDL, Cover: 14 oz; 7/16" OSB, 1" nail lip top & btm; bulk Color: __ (rack#: cfp-wall-V-6x2)
6071-200-0606 GYM - Pad/ Wall/ Corner/ Fire Ret Wall Pad, Vonar Fire Ret Interliner, 6"x6" Corner; 6# Rbd; #70 IDL, Cover: 14oz; 7/16" wafer bd bk, 1" nail lip top&btm; bulk Color: __(rack#: V-cfp-wall-cnr-V)
6071-000-0001 GYM - Pad/ Wall/ Custom Cutout Gym Wall Pad Custom Cutout $/each (rack#: cfp-wp-co)
6070-999-0001 GYM - Velstick wall hanger Velstick Wall Hanger for Folding Mats. 1-3/4" wide; price per Linear Foot. Secure with concrete flat head screws or nails. "Liquid nail" type adhesive advised
6077-700-0000 GYM - Mat/ Pad/ Custom Custom Mat or Pad, vinyl covered foam filled. Size: Color: Special: (rack#: custom pad)
7132-222-2221 Z-Style Wall Pad Mounting Bracket - per Linear Foot "Z" Style Wall Pad Mounting Bracket; 1/2" (nominal) x 3" (nominal) x [2 feet or 5 feet] in length; __#/LF; $/LF (rack#: FT-20)
$7.80 per LF

How to Order - Click HERE for handy diagram and measuring guidelines related to ordering Overall Athletic Wall Pads. Please provide contact name, organizational name, phone and fax numbers, e-mail address, destination city, state and Zip Code for the freight part of the quotation. Thank you. .


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