Taj Mahal Vinyl Backed Cocoa Matting

Taj Mahal Vinyl Backed Cocoa Mats and Matting are very agressive and "thirsty" soil containment products for use in entrance lobbies, vestibules, outside entrance doors where the mats will be well protected entrances used for entranceways. Can be cut to custom sizes and supplied with . Cocoa fiber tufted onto a thick vinyl base.

Thicknesses: 5/8" and 1-1/4". (See Note Below)

Sizes: Can be supplied in cut pieces or in full rolls up to 6'-6" x 40'-0" in the 5/8" thickness and 6'-6" x 33'-0" in the 1-1/4" thickness.

Color: The 5/8" thickness is available in Natural Tan, Charcoal Black and Chocolate Brown. The 1-1/4" material is available in Natural Tan. Custom colors can be developed with a ten (10) roll minimum order.

Taj Mahal Old Fashioned Vinyl Backed Cocoa Mats


Black Edging Brown Edging


Taj Mahal Vinyl Backed Cocoa Matting
5/8" Thick
Product Number Description Price/SF
9008-201-1010 Vinyl Backed Cocoa Mat, NATURAL TAN 5/8" (17 mm) x Custom Cut [from 6'-6" x 40' max in one piece], 1.28#/SF; $/SF (rack#: VBcust-5/8")
9008-202-1010 Vinyl Backed Cocoa Mat, CHARCOAL BLACK 5/8" (17 mm) x Custom Cut [from 6'-6" x 40' max in one piece], 1.28#/SF; $/SF (rack#: VBcust-5/8"-BLK)
9008-202-1010 Vinyl Backed Cocoa Mat, CHOCOLATE BROWN 5/8" (17 mm) x Custom Cut [from 6'-6" x 40' max in one piece], 1.28#/SF; $/SF (rack#: VBcust-5/8"-BRN)
9008-299-1010 Vinyl Backed Cocoa Mat, CUSTOM COLOR 5/8" (17 mm) x Custom Cut [from 6'-6" x 40' max in one piece], 1.28#/SF; $/SF (rack#: VBcust-5/8"-CUST)
 1-1/4" Thick
Custom Cut Vinyl Backed Cocoa Mat, Nat Tan, 1-1/4" Thick (30 mm) (maximum size in one piece 6'-6"x33'-0") $/SF (rack#: VB6R33)
Prices are exclusive of shipping. Please provide sizes and quantities required and destination city, state and Zip Code with contact name, phone, Fax and e-mail address for custom quotations.

With regard to Thickness, Please Note: The 5/8" thickness is actually 17 mm thick, which corresponds to just slightly thicker than 5/8? and just slightly thinner than 3/4?. Some refer to the 17 mm as 3/4? thick; however it is really not that that thick. Others refer to it as 5/8? thick even though it is somewhat understating the case. The material is made to metric standards and stating its thickness in actual fractions would be meaningless and confusing to most of us.

On a more practical note, the material is made of a natural product that is imperfect by its very nature and its height or thickness will vary slightly even across a large expanse of the goods. It is also subject to the surroundings in which it is situated in terms of the environmental conditions such as heat and humidity.

Vinyl Backed Cocoa Matting is typically and should be installed such that it is about 1/8? above the top of the recessed well in which it is installed. Since the depth of such wells tends also to vary and not be as precise as one would like, the combination of these factors makes it important therefore for those in charge of maintenance and safety to judge the actual installation details on site in each instance and to note that the matting, over time, and depending on the usage to which it is subjected and to how well it is maintained, will eventually recede into the well below the top level of the recess walls. At that juncture, the matting, though technically still serviceable as a soil control tool, should be replaced in that particular setting in favor of a piece of Vinyl Backed Cocoa Matting of full thickness.

The spent piece of matting could be employed in other settings, such as in a vestibule with no recess and where a wall-to-wall mat installation would work. Situations where there will be a transition from the floor level directly on to the matting should be avoided since the matting would not have a beveled safety edge, which would be required for such applications. Installing a beveled edge on a used piece of matting is ill advised as the chance for the edging to dislodge from the matting is too great to risk.


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