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Guard Rite Fire Retardant Disposable Matting
Temporary Protection for Floors and Walls

       Guard Rite Fire Retardant Disposable Matting, "Maximum surface Protection for Maritime, Aviation and Construction Projects." Use to comply with matting called out to meet test standards per Federal Test Method Standard 501, Method 6411 in accordance with Mil-Std-1623. 


       Guard Rite Fire Retardant Disposable Matting is a unique flame retardant temporary floor and wall protection system designed to protect vinyl, ceramic, wood, marble, carpet and painted surfaces from abuse during refurbishment projects and new construction. Made from flame retardant polyethylene, Guard Rite Fire Retardant Disposable Matting provides great strength in a light weight, easy to handle and quick to fit material. Guard Rite Fire Retardant Disposable Matting is non-toxic, non-staining, environmentally friendly and disposable through normal recycling methods. Guard Rite Fire Retardant Disposable Matting has a deeply embossed diamond grid surface for slip resistant worker and pedestrian walking while additionally offering impact resistance for maximum surface protection. It is also available in an unembossed congiguration for situations that call for a smooth surface.

Guard Rite Fire Retardant Disposable Matting can be easily cleaned by sweeping, washing or vacuuming. It has superior flame resistance characteristics that meet or surpass National Fire Standards (NFPA 701 Small Scale). It is self-extinguishing and flame retardant and is water, chemical, oil and grease resistant.

Installation and Maintenance Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Order - Please provide dimensions of area or areas to be protected or product type and number of rolls required with contact person's name, company or organization name, contact phone, Fax number, e-mail address, and destination city, state and Zip Code for the freight part of a custom price quotation. If samples are being requested, please provided UPS address. Thank you.


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