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CHOOSING THE RIGHT MAT: Your selection of The Mat King East Coast Mats & Matting should be determined by the optimum combination of comfort, drainage and quality. Comfort: Generally thicker mats are more comfortable. 7/8" mats are best where workers remain for a full shift. 1/2" mats are excellent for extended use work stations. 3/8" mats are the best for traffic areas. Drainage: In areas of frequent spills and standing water, use a full-drainage mat. In drier work and traffic areas, a mat that offers moderate drainage is adequate. Quality: Grease and oil break down mats and shorten service life. The Mat King offers grease-proof and grease-resistant mats for lasting performance.



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SphereHigh Class Comfort Matting
SphereHoney Comb Comfort Matting
SphereInline Comfort Matting
SphereOn-the-Dot Traction Matting
SphereRidge Master Carpet Mats & Matting
SphereSoak Control Mats & Matting
SphereStand and Deliver Comfort Mats
SphereTop Class Comfort Matting


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