Ice and Snow Control Mats - Installation Instructions
Keep winter snow and ice where it belongs; everywhere but where you walk or drive.

This mat must be installed according to these installation instructions.

Follow these important warnings to avoid the risk of fire or shock.

  • Do not remove or modify the safety device or the plug connected to the mat.

  • Do not plug in a mat while rolled up.

  • Do not use extension cords. (Generally, a separate outlet is needed for each mat).

  • Do not drive any form of nails, screws, fasteners, or other objects through the rubber surface of the mat. Use only the brass grommets for attachment.

  • Do not cut, slice, trim or otherwise alter the mat.

  • Do not walk on the mat before it is completely installed.

  • Do not plug the mat into an improperly wired or rated outlet.

  • Do not install the mat on a rough dirt or gravel surface.

  • Periodically examine the mat for any signs of damage or excessive wear. If found, unplug and remove the mat immediately from service and call The Mat King at (800) 442-6544 for assistance.

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1. Unpacking Review the safety warnings on the back page, then take the Ice and Snow Control Mat to the spot where it is going to be used and unpack it there. Save the packaging materials for storing the mat off-season. Save these instructions in case you need to look at them again.

2. Installing the Mat The mat can be installed several different ways. On flat surfaces the mat can be installed at air temperatures down to –20°F. For areas that require bending of the mat, such as on stairs, do not install it below 20°F. For installation on areas where tight bending is necessary, such as on stairs, an additional grommet kit is available.

3. Clearing the Area Clear all pre-existing ice and snow from the area where you will be using the mat. Make sure the surface is free of any sharp objects such as rocks, glass or loose nails, which could cause damage to the bottom of the mat. If there is a lot of hard packed ice in the area you wish to treat, use the mat to melt the ice away. Simply roll out the mat over the snow and plug it in. Depending on the amount of ice and the outside temperature this could take a full day or more. Once the ice has melted, unplug the mat, roll it back up and clean the area of sharp items.

4. Orienting the Power Cord You will want the power cord to be on the side of the mat closest to the outlet. If the cord is on the opposite side, lift up the power end of the mat to access the cord which is routed in a channel underneath. Gently pull the cord out of the channel to position it on the other side.

5. Rolling out the Mat Align the powered end of the mat correctly so it will roll out in a straight line over the area you wish to keep free of ice and snow. Roll the mat out and adjust it to fit exactly as you want it. At cold temperatures the mat is less flexible and may not lay perfectly flat. Power the mat, and as it heats up, it will flatten and can be adjusted to the final position before being secured.

6. Securing the Mat The mat has 5/16" diameter brass grommets along each edge to make securing the mat both simple and effective. Securing the mat minimizes tripping and keeps it from moving. To secure the mat you must use these grommets. For areas such as stairs where you may need closer grommet spacing, a grommet kit is available. What to use on which surfaces: Concrete, brick, stone or asphalt use Concrete drill, masonry anchors and washers. Wood use Wood screws or lag bolts and washers. Steel use Nuts, bolts and washers. Please Note: These methods will leave permanent holes on the surface where the mat was secured.

7. Testing the Power Cord and Safety Device - The Ice and Snow Control Mat comes with a built-in Equipment Leakage Circuit Interrupter (ELCI). This safety device turns off the power and ensures there is no electrical hazard or risk of fire if the mat is damaged. It is important to test the ELCI to be certain it is working properly—both when the mat is installed and before each seasonal use. Here is all you need to do:


  • a. Locate the test and reset buttons on the device.

  • b. Plug the power cord into the outlet. Press the reset button. The light should go on.

  • c. Press the test button. The light should go out.

  • d. Press the reset button again and the light should come back on.

  • e. If the light does not come on, make sure there is voltage at the outlet.

  • f. If the safety device still doesn’t work, call The Mat King (800) 442-6544 for customer service.

8. Operation and Storage - Power the Ice and Snow Control Mat whenever there is a threat of snow or ice. It is a good idea to unplug it for storage when there is no threat of snow or ice. Before storing the mat, clean it with soap and water, allow it to dry, roll the mat backup placing the power cord and safety device (ELCI) inside rolled up mat and place the rolledup mat in its original package.

Please Note: The NEC (National Electrical Code) requires that all outdoor outlets must be protected by ground-fault for personnel protection (Class A) devices.  However, there is an exception for electric snow melting or deicing equipment.  In article 210.8 of the 2002 NEC, a statement is included to address outdoor outlets:
        210.8 Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupter Protection for Personnel 
                 (A) Dwelling Units
                 (3) Outdoors 
Exception: Receptacles that are not readily accessible and are supplied by a dedicated branch circuit for electric snow melting and deicing equipment shall be permitted to be installed in accordance with the applicable provisions of article 426.
To comply with the code, installers should either substitute the GFCI with an Equipment Protection circuit interrupter (ELCI) or a non-ground-fault breaker.  The circuit should be a dedicated breaker just for the snow mat and should be properly labeled as such.  The phrase from the code “not readily accessible” implies one of two things: either the outlet is out-of-reach such as under eaves, or is protected by an in-use hooded cover.

9. Accessories: call The Mat King at (800) 442-6544 

         Grommet Installation Kit: Product Number 2190-600-0002
         Electronic Timer/Controller: Product Number 2190-700-0001

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