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Chicago Chic Elevator Mats
The Once-and-Done Approach to Elevator Floor Covering

    Chicago Chic Elevator Mats are The Mat King's suggested way of addressing the problem of covering the floors of pedestrian or convenience elevators. .


Chicago Chic Elevator Mats can be personalized with the building's street number or name. Each car gets a set of a minimum of two removable floor mats that are custom tailored and labeled as belonging to that specific elevator. Mats can be cleaned away from public view and without requiring the elevator to be taken out of service.

Reception Area before installation of Personalized Welcome Mat Reception Area after installation of Personalized Welcome Mat


Elevator Corridor before installation of Personalized Foul Weather Mat Elevator Corridor after installation of Personalized Foul Weather Mat


Retrofit elevator car substrate to provide smooth level field. Adhere mats with quick release adhesive such as 3M Blue Glue. Chicago Chic Elevator Mats are supplied as slightly oversized for custom trimming and installation by others on site for use in each car.
Each Chicago Chic Elevator Mat is to be labeled with its car number or identification code. Chicago Chic Elevator Mats are installed to meet the car's entrance sill and door guide making the need for beveled edging unnecessary.
Chicago Chic Berber Style Inlaid Logo Mat Base and Inlay Colors
Autumn (2048)
Azure (5181)
Solid Black (2000)
Bright Red (3014)
Burgundy (3036)
Gris a/k/a Charcoal (2098)
Solid Crimson (3031)
PMS 404 C
PMS 540 C
PMS Black
PMS 192 C
PMS 209 C
PMS Black 6 C
PMS 484 C
White (1001)
Garnet (3138)
Gold (1039)
Hunter Green (6022)
Kelly Green (6042)
Midnight Blue (5154)
Coir Natural (1099)
PMS White PMS 7645 C
PMS 7563 C
PMS 342 C
PMS 356 C
PMS 7546 C
PMS 467 C
Natural Beige (1153)
Orange (3018)
Pink (91)
Prisim (5155)
Purple (3090)
Rosewood (7178)
Royal Blue (5182)
PMS 7530 C
PMS 144 C
PMS 1905 C
PMS 295 C
Pantone Med. Purple
PMS 7589 C
PMS 7589 C
Sand (1064)
Sky Blue (5149)
Steel Blue (5157)
Sterling (2344)
Taupe (2345)
Turquoise (6096)
Verdi Green (6043)
PMS 4665 C
PMS 291 C
PMS 534 C PMS 430 C
PMS 408 C
PMS 325 C
PMS 350 C
Walnut (7068)
Off White (1001)
Yellow (1025)
Zinc (7006)
Cardinal Red (3353)
Carbon (9859)
Black Shadow (2343)
PMS 7519 C
PMS Warm Grey 1 C
PMS 121 C
PMS 140 C
PMS 7623 C
PMS Cool Grey 11 C
PMS Black 7 C
Chocolate (7097)
Loden (6081)
Teak (7185)
PMS 7596 C
PMS Black 5 C
PMS 412 C

How to Measure for Elevator Floor Mats and Flooring

Chicago Chic Elevator Mats are often called out at the architectural design phase. We offer the Specifications to simplify that process.
Chicago Chic Matting Specifications
Graphic Method Inlaid
Face Weight 37 oz./SY
Total Weight 78 oz./SY
Construction Needlepunch
Backing All weather Rubber
Edging 5/16" Low-profile vinyl border
Mat Thickness 7/16" (11mm)
Face Fiber 100% solution dyed UV stabilized  polypropylene
Testing Passes DOCFFI-70 Pill Test
Durability 300,000 people per year
Warranty 2 years


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