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Industrial Rope Mat Index

Barrel Mats
Blast Mats - Rope
Braided Manila Industrial Rope Floor Mats
Die Turning Mats
Industrial and Military Rope Products
Manila Door Mats - Commercial Quantities
Steel Blasting Mats
Synthetic Blasting Mats

Cautions and Warnings

1. Any product will break if it is misused, abused, or overused. Never exceed the work load limit or safe working load, even when the product is new and the load is in a straight pull line.

2. Avoid side loading that the product is not designed to accommodate.

3. Regular inspection of the product must be conducted before use to identify that the product can be safely used at the work load limit or safe working load.

4. Avoid shock loads, such as jerking, impacting, or swinging of load. The work load limit or safe working load is not designed to accommodate them and will reduce the product’s life.

5. Always keep out from under the line of the loads.

6. Caution is warranted in all industrial and shipping situations. Heed all regulations and mandates pertaining to each individual job.


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