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Bamboo and Rattan Products
Almost everything you could ever need from bamboo

Bamboo in Overview - There are over one thousand species of Bamboo of which only a very few have any commercial value. We choose to import all of our bamboo since the bamboo grown in the USA with our limited rainy season lacks the properties for which bamboo is known. We should point out that none of the bamboo we sell would be used as food for panda bears. Pandas are very particular about the plants they eat. The problem that pandas experienced several years ago was due to the flowering of the particular bamboo species upon which they feed.

Bamboo will flower every 100 years depending on the species. When a particular bamboo flowers, it flowers all over the world and then it dies. It takes many years for it to come back in any numbers. When bamboo grows, it emerges from the ground at its full diameter. The walls and fibers will strengthen and thicken over the years, but it does not grow larger in diameter. It will grow to its full height in just one growing season. One bamboo plant in our holding was measured during its growth year and was seen at one juncture to have grown 18" in just one day. The known record is 7 feet in one day.

Besides being an amazing grass, it is also a highly renewable source. Anyone who has tried to grow bamboo soon learns of it less desirable invasive properties.

Bamboo has no knots or cross grains, as does wood, and bamboo does not break off even at its weakest point. Bamboo's cylindrical shape and nodes add to its strength, resulting in in improved strength and flexibility over wood of comparable size and diameter.

Rattan in Overview - Rattan is a vine that grows along the ground and into the trees. It too is considered an invasive weed in many countries. It is solid and can be bent with the application of heat. Whereas bamboo can only be bent when it is still green; otherwise it will collapse like a straw. Basketry reed and "wicker" is milled core of rattan. Cane webbing and strand cane is made from the skin of rattan. There are many qualities of rattan. The denser the material the better it is considered to be. The Manau rattan, which we offer to our clients, is one of the densest rattans available.


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