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General Service Administartion:Government agencies may take advantage of certain contract arrangements that have been put in place through the services opf the General Services Administration (GSA) or may choose to purchase on the open market depending on the purchasing guidelines and budgetary parameters established for each agency. A question that is often asked is: What are the advantages and disadvantages of using GSA's tender of dervice offers? The Mat King offers the highest quality products available anywhere on the planet for, what we believe are very reasonable prices and we back up what we offer to our clients with assistance at every step of the way. Architects and designers call out The Mat King as the recommended supplier for entrance grates and entrance mats and other related products because we have helped them zero in on just the right product for their client's new or remodeled building, which they have designed for them. Things cost more than money. And, when a person or a company investes in the wrong product that point in proven beyong any doubt. You get what you pay for. If its that cheap you must ask yourself, "What am I getting?" But, you don't have to worry, there are plenty of pretty heavy duty players in the world of purchasing who have addresed these questions and have shared their best thinking for free and put it out there for the world to read and consider.

The Mat King invites you to visit the following web sites and to weight the advice that is presented and then either use whatever options are available on the GSA schedule to accomplish your objective, or contact The Mat King and allw us to provide you and your organization with the high standrard of service and products for which we have become know throughout the industry and with clients all over the globe. Thank you.

Cornell University Law School - Legal Information Institute


"Competitive Processes in Government Contracting: The FAR Part 15 Process Model and Process Inefficiency" by Vernon J. Edwards of





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