New Mat Development Guidelines

Absolutely Every Kind of Matting in the World!

"The right mat for the right application" is what The Mat King has been all about since 1988.

There are thousands of different mats for a myriad of purposes. Our Safety Yellow background color on our business cards, our stationary, publications and on our web site is there to remind us, if not our customers as well, that the over arching theme of our work in mats is Safety. After Safety, we can focus on other objectives like soil control, and image or decor enhancement, but Safety is first or we will not get involved.

Our years of experience includes advising and guiding the development of new mats and new uses and adaptations for existing mats. Product Developers, Inventors, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Government Agencies and companies of all kinds have and are welcome to engage the resources and capabilities of The Mat King to address specific situations or product needs on a project-by-project basis.

If there is something about mats that you need to know or if you are inventing a mat or need one developed for you, lay it on us. The Mat King is here to help.

[Please feel free to contact us at (800)442-6544 to discuss your plans or ideas for the development of a new mat of any kind. Please be prepared to sign a reciprocal non-disclosure agreement and to enter into a Consultation Retainer Agreement. Click here to review a model of The Mat King Retainer Agreement].

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