General Cleaning Cooperative Referral Program


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General Cleaning Cooperative Referral Program

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General Cleaning Cooperative Referral Program

Program Guidelines Mats are often part of a facility's soil control system but they do not replace the need for proper care, cleaning and maintenance. When outsourcing the cleaning and maintenance responsibilities of a building, finding a suitable and affordable professional person or organization to shoulder that load can be a job in itself. The Mat King gets to know such people and companies and offers this Cooperative Referral Program as a free service to its customers. Of course, when mats become an item on the shopping list, we would certainly appreciate your remembering The Mat King.
Eligibility  All professional insured and bonded cleaning companies and individuals are welcome to participate in this program.
Cleaning Company Application Form Those persons or organizations wishing to participate in this Cooperative Referral Program are invited to submit a letter on their personal or company stationary along with any support literature or materials available. Please include memberships related associations, licenses, certifications and proof of insurance and bonding. Company's should list the names of the principal owners of the organization and its status; i.e. corporation, d/b/a etc. 
National Referral List  Company Address City State Zip Code Phone Fax e-mail web site
Alliance Maintenance & Management, Inc. 574 Montauk Highway Shirley NY 11967-2104 (877)626-6243 (631)281-5348
Falco Maintenance, LLC. 160 Newark Street Lindenhurst NY 11757 (631)926-2066 (631)884-1353
. . . . . . . . .
Accountability Disclaimer The Mat King offers no guarantee of any kind as to the degree of efficiency or ability of any individual or company or persons associated with companies participating in this Cooperative Referral Program. It is always the responsibility of the end user client to thoroughly investigate any person or organization before contracting with them to clean or maintain their facility. 
Fee Structure  Participation in this program is on a no-fee basis at this juncture.
Suggestion Box Please feel free to contact us with your suggestions as to how this program can be improved. Thank you.

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