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Foot Warmer Mat
Stop Complaints About Cold Feet -- Increase Worker's Productivity Quickly And Inexpensively

Foot Warmer Mat radiates heat from the floor up and keeps feet comfortably warm for just pennies a day just plug in to any 110V-120V AC outlet. Ideal for receptionists, people at order desks, dispatchers, shipping and receiving clerks, guards, cashiers and anyone who works near drafts or chilly open areas.
Foot Warmer Mat Illustration

Foot Warmer Mat

Foot Warmer Mats are made of heavy duty rubber with a sealed circuit and beveled edges to allow chairs to roll on and off easily. Uses less electricity than a 100 watt light bulb and costs about 4 cents for 8 hours of continuous use.


The Foot Warmer Mat is a flexible ribbed surface mat made of premium, fire resistant high grade rubber. Its overall thickness is 3/8" with beveled sides. It contains an electric heating element that produces a uniform radiant heat. It is thermostatically controlled so that the heat will be maintained at a constant temperature. The heating element is molded within the rubber to eliminate the danger of fire or electrical shock. It produces a radiant heat that will keep feet, ankles and legs comfortably warm. Plugs into any 110V-120V AC system. The 16" x 36" unit draws 1 amp of electricity. The 14" x 21" mat draws .60 amps.  Equipped with a 6 foot long power cord.

The Foot Warmer Mat has the electrical approval of E.T.L. Testing Laboratories, Inc. which is part of a global network of testing services, is accredited by OSHA as a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory just as the laboratories of the UL, AGA and CSA. The Foot Warmer Mat is approved for sale in the United States and Canada.

A "High and Low" switch is available, which can be used to reduce the normal surface temperature of $130° F to about one half that amount, or about 65° F.

Please Note: The Foot Warmer Mat is not treated with UV inhibiters. It is not intended for use outdoors. The unit is moisture proof, however, if used in an application where moisture is present, it is important to insure that the plug and any switch or controller remain completely sheltered from moisture.

Though we have heard of Foot Warmer Mats being used in various "untraditional" and unintended uses, such as in a dog house, or outside the front door to keep the foor free of ice or snow, or on a roof to keep snow from accumulating, it must be noted that these uses are outside the approved uses for this product and are not endorsed at all by The Mat King.


 Mat Sizes: 14" x 21" and 16" x 36".

 Mat color: Black only.
 Commercial and Industrial clients: Please Click HERE for quantity pricing.


Foot Warmer Mats

Product Number Description Price/mat
Foot Warmer Mat, Heavy Duty rubber with 6' power cord; sealed insulated circuit; 90 W, 110-120 V; Beveled edges; Color: Black; Size: 14"x21"x3/8"; Weight: 5#/mat, $/mat (rack: V-28)
Foot Warmer Mat. Heavy duty rubber with 6' power cord; sealed insulated circuit; 135 watts, 110-120V; Beveled edges;Color: Black; Size: 16"x36"x3/8"; Weight: 9#; $/mat (rack#: V-36)


Prices are inclusive of Shipping & Handling to any where in the Continental USA.
Deliveries to NY, NJ and CT will have applicable State Sales Tax added to final invoice.

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