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Wonder Weave Matting
Better Than Walking On Air

       Wonder Weave Matting is available in two chemical formulations and two "pierced interwoven" patterns that provide an enhanced traction surface and anti-fatigue properties for use in all types of work related situations. Open Weave or the Basic Pattern is designed for normal pedestrian traffic. Closed Weave or Close-knit Pattern is for heavy traffic areas and for barefoot use such as locker and shower rooms. The type of environment will determine the appropriate Wonder Weave formulation to select: Standard or Anti-static.


What Wonder Weave Matting Can Do for You

OSHA Compliance: Wonder Weave Matting has been satisfactorily installed in work and traffic areas to satisfy OSHA requirements.

Wonder Weave Matting meets and in most cases exceeds the minimum requirements in testing and performance specified by national and international laboratories. Data is available on request.


Wonder Weave Matting Features

Custom Size & Color Choice there is no extra charge for cutting Wonder Weave Matting to size or for any kind of color combination.

Custom Appearance & Crowd Control Colors may be combined to produce pattered effects or to provide traffic pattern control.

Safety & Extra Grip Wonder Weave Matting hugs the floor and shapes to floor contours. There is two-way ribbing on both sides for firm positive grip to the floor and to the user.

Fatigue Relief "All-Day" worker comfort attributed to Wonder Weave's patented design offers support and just the right amount of "give" providing relief from foot, leg and back fatigue to workers working on hard floors. 

Light Weight & Easy Maintenance Most of Wonder Weave Matting is its "weightless" empty spaces between its wonderful weaves. So, it is that much easier to move than comparable matting and all that needs to be done to clean it is to wash it with mild detergent and rinse it with warm water.

Reversible which doubles Wonder weaves tread ware and its overall longevity.

Strong It is available in Open Weave or Basic Pattern for normal to heavy traffic and in Closed Weave or Close-knit Pattern for heavy to extra-heavy traffic.

Noise Reduction its very construction and engineering dampen foot steps and break up sound waves produced by machines in the work place to cut the overall noise level.

Durable Wonder Weave Matting is resistant to normal cold and heat fluctuations, is unaffected by water, grease, oils and most chemicals (test results available on request).

Mold & Mildew Resistant its exclusive patented design provides air circulation and superior water drainage which reduces the chance for mold and mildew to even get started.

Fire Resistant Wonder Weave Matting will not support combustion.

No Wire or Metal Parts Wonder Weave Matting is made entirely from the best quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic and employs a patented construction method that works to maintain its integrity and usability.  

       Special Features: Irregular shaped mats, such as round, "U-shaped" or "S-shaped" mats will be cut from square or rectangular pieces. Prices will be calculated based on total square footage consumed including waste material. If requested, remnants will be included in shipment. It is recommended that matting size not exceed 200 square feet to facilitate lifting or rolling for cleaning purposes.

       Wonder Weave Matting is available in ten colors: Orange, Grey, Green, Yellow, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Red, White, Blue and Black, which can be combined to create borders or patterned effects. It can also be made to stay in place by snapping it

to anchor cubes which are made of the same PVC material as Wonder Weave Matting and are easily affixed to the floor or base surface. Beveled edging is available in either black or yellow for added safety and for wheeled cart access.

     Beveled Edging consists of two parts: a rigid square nosed edging in black, which can be used separately to provide stability and protection for the mat edge, and a flexible beveled component which slides into a groove on the rigid edging unit. Most uses do not require either edging. Beveled Edging is more useful on smaller mats that are secured by Anchor Cubes.
Please Note: Rigid edging must be removed to allow for rolling of Wonder Weave Matting.

Please Note: Prolonged or extreme exposure to substances containing esters or ketones may cause swelling or stickiness. Protracted exposure to extreme heat sources may cause disfiguration or loss of resiliency. To avoid possible disappointment, inquire prior to purchasing for installation next to an extreme source of heat.


Maintenance: Wonder Weave Matting is produced from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which has resistive qualities to deterioration from most common chemicals.

Therefore a regular maintenance program of washing with mild detergent and water will help insure a long service life for Wonder Weave products. Excessive exposure to steam or extremely hot water will cause disfiguration or loss of resiliency. To extend product life, Wonder Weave Matting should be rolled rather than folded.




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