Ice and Snow Control Mats - Grommet Kit Installation Instructions
Keep winter snow and ice where it belongs; everywhere but where you walk or drive.

Ice and Snow Control Mats offer effective solutions for a variety of applications requiring snow and ice elimination. Applications include sidewalks, driveways, decks, loading docks, wheelchair ramps or any area with heavy foot traffic. Use this kit with the Ice and Snow Control Mats when additional anchoring points are required such as with stairs or other areas where tight bending is required.

Stair installation technique

There are two techniques for attaching the snow mat to stairs: one is to use a combination of carpet bars at the head of each stair tread, and grommets at the toe of each stair tread (Figure 1); the other technique is to use grommets at the head and toe of each stair tread (Figure 2).

Installation Instructions

1. Marking the locations Mark the locations for each required grommet. It is important that all grommet holes be made within one inch from the edge of the mat.

Do not punch holes more than one inch from the edge or it will present a shock hazard.

2. Placing a block of wood under each location Place a block of wood under each location to support the mat and protect the surface of the stairs.

3. Using the hole cutter Place the hole cutter over the desired hole location and strike with a hammer or mallet.

Wear safety glasses while striking the cutter.

4. Placing the grommet Remove the wooden block from under the punched hole. Place the grommet (D) with the post up on the base (C). Center the base and grommet under the hole.

5. Placing the washer Place the washer (E) over the post of the grommet, with the rounded side up. Insert the handle (B) in the washer and strike firmly with a hammer or mallet. Rotate the handle 1/4 turn between strikes until the grommet and washer fit tightly to the mat.

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