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Yankee Berber Inlaid Logo Mats
The All Made in America Heavy Duty Berber.


Yankee Berber Inlaid Logo Mats are made from heavy duty polypropylene matting which look for all the world like carpet but which performs like the scratchiest scraper matting at entryways. It is just shy of a half inch in thickness (7/16") and fabricated from extremely durable, long-lasting, UV stable polypropylene fibers. The mats are custom edged with a low-profile 5/16" vinyl safety edging, which is mitered at the corners and glued and sewn in place to offer maximum functionality and a handsome professional appearance.

  • All weather non-skid backing

  • Berber or Ribbed Styles

  • Low-profile safety edging (optional)

  • UV Stable polypropylene

  • Indoor or Outdoor use.



Yankee Carpeting and Matting  – A Green Saga

Yankee Carpeting and related products are available in a variety of colors and every one of them is “Green.”

Yankee Carpeting is constructed using a thermal bonding process, which requires less energy to bind the elements of Yankee Carpeting together. The thermal bonding process also uses significantly less water than other methods, and the water that is used is 100% recycled. Yankee Carpeting uses no binders or fillers. Binders and fillers are wasteful because applying them requires more energy, more water and is only discarded later.

Yankee Berber Mats and Matting has a smaller carbon footprint to Yankee Berber Carpeting. Not only does Yankee Berber Mats and Matting require less energy to manufacture, it is manufactured in the USA, closer to where it is used than any similar products from other countries. All comparable products are produced overseas. The fuel consumption to import such foreign products is up to four times greater than Yankee Berber Mats and Matting simply because of the great difference in distance. The imported products are also significantly heavier than Yankee Berber Mats and Matting; about 50% heavier, due to the binders and fillers that are used in the manufacturing process overseas.

The Yankee Berber Mats and Matting carbon footprint on transporting even the same square yardage is 33% less than imported other products on average exclusive of the distance factor.

Yankee Berber Mats and Matting is also easer to recycle than other Berber style matting products. Yankee Berber Mats and Matting is made of Polypropylene with a PE low melt binder. The dissimilar melting points and freezing points of the matting element make Yankee Berber Mats and Matting more easily separated for efficient recycling. Yankee Berber un-backed broadloom has no additional components. Yankee broadloom, when backed, uses a 100% natural rubber backing which makes for cleaner recycling as well.

Yankee Berber Mats and Matting entrance mats uses Yankee Berber Mats and Matting un-backed goods which are cut and reassembled using a blended rubber backing (approximately 40% by weight). All graphics are cut using water (5-10 gallons / day) or ultrasonics. Yankee Berber Mats and Matting emits noVolatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Chicago Chic mitered corner beveled safety edging
  Custom sized mats are available. Themaximum sized Chicago Chic Inlaid Logo Mat made in one-piece construction (i.e. without seams) is 13'-2" x70' exclusive of beveled safety edging.


Graphic Method Inlaid
Face Weight 37 oz./SY
Total Weight 78 oz./SY
Construction Needlepunch
Backing All weather Rubber
Edging 5/16" Low-profile vinyl border
Mat Thickness 7/16" (11mm)
Face Fiber 100% solution dyed UV stabilized  polypropylene
Testing Passes DOCFFI-70 Pill Test
Durability 300,000 people per year
Warranty 2 years


Yankee Berber Inlaid Logo Mats





Yankee Berber Matting


Yankee Berber Inlaid Logo Mat Colors
Autumn (52)
Azure (48)
Black (00)
Bright Red (33)
Burgundy (46)
Charcoal a/ka Grijs (07)
Crimson (31)
Forest (50)
Garnet (60)
Gold (39)
Hunter Green (51)
Kelly Green (53)
Midnight (43)
Natural (05)
Natural Beige (19)
Orange (34)
Pink (91)
Prisim (75)
Purple (90)
Rosewood (61)
Royal Blue (44)
Sand (02)
Sky Blue (49)
Steel Blue (64)
Sterling (27)
Taupe (18)
Turquoise (96)
Verdi (58)
Walnut (11)
White (23)
Yellow (37)
Zinc (06)



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