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Mats, matting and the related products provided by The Mat King are, for the most part, and, if properly acquired, not the type of things that wear out quickly. Yet, in a way, even the toughest of our products can be categorized as "consumables" in that they are often exposed to the direct contact of users and, while designed to take such punishment, will eventually need replacing. Some products are, plain and simple, there to save lives, like switchboard matting. Some carry multiple responsibilities; like soil control and slip resistance for lobby and entrance matting. They might even add an additional aspect, such as image enhancement or logo reiteration, which may fit into a company's marketing plan.

Several things have become clear since The Mat King began roaming his domain in 1988: (1) Wherever people are, they need mats or our related products; (2) Just when you thought you had seen it all, someone will call with a situation that is a true puzzlement; (3) No matter how you slice it, quality makes all the difference. The Mat King provides the highest quality products available. Period.

Purchasing agents, managers, specifiers, such as designers, safety officers and architects, owners of buildings, Captains of Naval vessels, hospital administrators, development engineers, inventors, home owners, facility managers, embassy directors, and the many others who take on the responsibility to get the right mat for the right application approach The Mat King either knowing exactly what they want or needing help in identifying a mat or related product that will properly address a "difficult" situation.

We believe we have earned something special with many of our clients when, over time, they have chosen to call us for more and more of our products and to address new and different challenging situations they have had. The Mat King is appreciative of the confidence its clients have demonstrated and acknowledges them here for having done so.

Client Product Project
Kingsmith Forge, Ltd. Cast Aluminum Stair Treads

The Waterloo Bridge, London, England

Stairs Leading down to the Embankment from the Waterloo Bridge - photo circa 1945

Albright-Knox Art Gallery Vinyl Link Logo and Emblem Mats Custom Entrance Mats Designed by Artist Jim Isermann
Marin County Civic Center Vinyl Link Logo and Emblem Mats Custom Entrance Mats Designed by Architect Frank Lloyd Wright
Jacob K. Javits Convention Center The Original Metal Studded Rubber Flooring Mixed Use Elevator Flooring That Lasts and Lasts
The Dali Museum The Original Metal Studded Rubber Flooring Mixed Use Elevator Flooring That Lasts and Lasts
USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) Aircraft Carrier Military Specification Mil-R-6855 Class 2 Neoprene Oil Resistant Sheet Rubber Grade 60 Proprietary use on a need to know basis
All the Major Automobile Manufacturers Failsafe Domed Industrial Warning Mats Anyone entering a danger zone is immediately alerted to the situation.
US Presidential Library Colorfest Deep Dyed Logo Mats and Wall Hangings Seal Of The President of the United States Wall Hanging and Entrance Mats
Kraft Foods Vinyl Link Logo Mats Corporate Logo Mat
Hankook Tires & Canada Hockey Enterprise Molded Vinyl Logo Mats Custom Logo Mats
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