Vinyl Link Entrance Mats
Stop Dirt at the Door and Increase Safety.

       The optimum Vinyl Link Entrance Mat preferred by store owners and maintenance crew for keeping the dirt out and by customers for making it safe to walk under all outside weather conditions. Features 10 "scraper blade" surfaces molded into each side of the mat (most others have only 5) for excellent scraping and squeegeeing of dirt and moisture from shoes, trapping them beneath the mat for later cleanout.

Vinyl Link Entrance Mat

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How to Order Vinyl Link Logo Mats

       These long-wearing 2-sided reversible mats are made of abrasion-resistant flexible vinyl links on a framework of 12-gauge galvanized spring steel wire. The unique design incorporates the wire location where it is protected from receiving direct stress, as compared to those having the linking wire bear the full force of the step. Color Choices:
Vinyl Link Entrance Mat Color Choices
       Available in two styles. Closed weave style: gives high-heel safety and excellent slip protection on rainy days. Open weave style: allows for greater dirt trappage and sure-footed traction. Use beveled nosing for surface mounted application; square nosing for recessed wells. Recessed well frames are also available and will be quoted on request. Easy to roll up for cleaning and rapid installation. Available in 11 popular colors with pattern design, letters, numerals and logos.

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