Vinyl Link Mat Technical Specification

Architectural Specifications: Links are manufactured from extruded high density vinyl multi-corrugated, 7/16" thick x 1/2" wide x 1-7/8" long (see illustration).

Colors: Aqua, Royal Blue, Gray, White, Light Green, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Red, Brown, Beige, Maroon, Black, Green. Colors are permanent and will not wear off or fade.

Construction: Links are woven together to form mats on rust-resistant galvanized rods. Construction is either Close Weave with link openings of 1/16" x 1/2", or Open Weave with link openings of 1-1/2" x 1/2". Extruded nosing are an integral part of link mat construction and feature steel reinforced edges running parallel to mats rods, and mitered and sealed corners. Beveled nosing is used for surface mounted mats. Square nosing is used for recessed mats or mats to be butted one to another or to a square border such as a wall or perpendicular door saddle. Mats equipped with square nosing are completely reversible.

Wire: 11-1/2 Gauge Spring Steel Wire

Reinforcing: 1/8" x 1/2" Spring Steel Bar

Colors: 14 colors in any combination

Edging: 10 colors

Mat Size: Any Size; however, it is recommended that large mats be sectionalized for ease of handling.

Thickness: 7/16"

Flammability: Class 1 (ASTM E-648 and NFPA).

Static Coefficient of Friction: Dry, 0.67; Wet, 0.89 (ASTM D-2047-82)

Weight: 2.3#/SF Close Weave

Frame Specification: Furnish and install pre-sized Aluminum Mat Recess Frame of Alloy 6063 T-5 according to manufacturer's recommended position ("A", "B", "C", "D" or "H") as specified. Frames shall be factory pre-cut, assembled at jobsite with aluminum corner pins in each 90° corner, installed to receive finished flooring outside recess as specified, and anchored into cement with frame anchor keys (corner pins and anchor keys are furnished with frames). A cement base shall be screeded into interior frame area using inside edge of frame as a guide.

Cross Sectional End View A, B & C
Cross Sectional End View H
Corner Section in perspective
Position "A"
Position "B"
When finished floors are to be terrazzo, concrete or marble, Position "A" should be specified. When finished floors are to be resilient floor covering in 3/16" gauge, Position "B" should be specified.
Position "C"
Position "H"
When finished floors are to be resilient floor covering in 1/8" gauge, Position "C" should be specified. When installed flush against walls or for floors more than 1/2" thick, Position "H" should be specified.

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Meets ADA Standards.

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