Vinyl Link Logo Mats - How to Order
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How to Order a Vinyl Link Logo Mat

1. Logo or Emblem Art - Provide "Art" via e-mail or Fax, or mail a hard copy of the emblem or emblems to be incorporated in the mat. This should be camera-ready art such as used for printing a brochure. Please use JPG or PDF format. If the mat is to have several emblems as well as text, a hand drawn guide indicating where each element is to be located would be very helpful. That can be faxed or scanned and e-mailed. 

Please Note:

A. If there is no existing logo and one needs to be developed, we offer logo art development services, which would be quoted as a separate proposal.

B. "How much "art" can fit on what size mat?" That is the question we face with almost every Vinyl Link Mogo or Emblem Mat project. We are so used to being able to "shrink things down" and "blow things up" when working with so many things like printed flies, posters and T-shirts that it can be frustrating to realize that though there is some room for making certain elements of a design smaller, there are certain limitations whnen working with finite vinyl links in a fixed number of colors that often forces our designers to adapt the art submitted by our clients in order to fit into the limited space afforded by the entrance area in the field or the dimensions of the recessed well into which the mat or mats may be bing installed. If a larger may can be used, then the art adaptation process usually becomes easier. Our artists are very creative and do wonders in captuing the feel of the original art in what amounts to working in mosaics to creat what are often truely spectacular pieces that look fabulous.

2. Dimensions, Logo Orientation and Edge Options - Identify the dimensions of the mat or mats required. Width = the distance from doorpost to doorpost. Length = the walking direction of the mat; the distance from the door out towards the street.

The sketch should tell us how the emblems are to be oriented on the mat; i.e. if the mat is to be Horizontal, it would read like a dollar bill; if the mat were to be Vertical, it would read like an adding machine tape.

Vertical Orientation
"Reads like an adding machine tape".
Horizontal Orientation
"Reads like a dollar bill".

The Edges of a Vinyl Link Mat can be either square or beveled. Square edges are 90° opposite to the surface of the mat, which makes them appropriate for use in recessed wells or in wall-to-wall applications where ther edges of the mat will be located flush to existing walls or frames of some type. (Please Note: If a metal frame e is required, indicate that as well and it will be included as a sepaate item with the Price Proposal). Beveled edges are intended for surface mounted application to enable users to transverse the edges safely and avoid tripping.

Edges can also be supplied in any of the standard colors to either match the background color of the mat or contrast with it. Here it should be noted that contrasting edge colors will result in what may be referred to as a "saw toothed" appearance on the leading and trailing edges of the mat. This "saw toothed" look may or not be what is wanted. If that is the case, there is an option that allows the for the saw toothed edges to be one solid line, however it involves a labor intensive process of splitting each of the links on both of the opposing edges and one-by-one creating "two-color" links custom the color combination required. This hand made solid color edge is referred to as a Perfect Edge and involves an upcharge when called out for a mat requiring that look. See the difference between the "saw toothed" look and the Perfect Edge in the photographs below:

The Saw Toothed look on the leading and trailing edges of a Vinyl Link Mat results from the edge being a different color than the background color of the mat. The Perfect Edge is the antidote to the "saw toothed" look when the edge needs to be a contrasting color to that of the mats background color.
3. Where is the Order Being Shipped? - Provide destination city, state, and Zip Code with your request for quotation so we can determine the freight portion of the quote.
4. How Many Mats Are Being Ordered? - Please include the quantity of mats you need for each size and for each different logo or emblem.
5. How Can We Reach You? - Please provide your name and contact phone and Fax numbers. (We appreciate the convenience of just e-mailing; but there are times we may need to use these other modes of communication so please include them as wel).

6. Art for Approval Sketch - We will provide pricing and Art for Approval via e-mail or Fax shortly after receipt of the above-mentioned items. The Art for Approval Sketch will look something like the sketch to the right. But, more often, the sketch on the Art for Approval form will be in black-and-white indicating the mosaic pattern used to adapt the original art. Only when the design is of a sufficient complexity will the art be hand colorized to help distinguish the various elements of the design from each other.

Hand Colored Art for Approval provided for very complex designs. Black-and-White Art for Approval most often provided.
 7. Approve the Art - If the art meets with your approval or if needs to be amended, print out the Art for Approval Form, approve it where indicated or make corrections, amendments or additions and Fax or e-mail it back to us as an attachement. We will review the changes and either incorporate them into a revised design or explain what options there are based on the nature of the material and the manufacturing process.
8. Production - We would then either schedule the mat or mats for production or prepare a revised Art for Approval incorporating the corrections, amendments or additions.
9. Terms - Terms are check, major credit card or Government Impact Card with order. Deliveries to NY, NJ or CT are subject to applicable State Sales Tax. Please provide tax exempt of resale certificate with RFQ.
The finished the Vinyl Link Logo and Emblem Mats correspond exactly link-for-link to the plan presented in the art for approval. The picture of the Shawnee County Sheriff's Office mat pictured below, which was taken in the mill when it was ready to be packed for shipment to the Sheriff's Office, demonstrates that a Vinyl Link Logo and Emblem Mat besides being a functional and long-lasting soil control and safety product can truly be a work of art..
We hope this outline of How to Order a Vinyl Link Logo Mat is helpful and we look forward to hearing from you and to making one of these fine mats for you soon.

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