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Vinyl Link Logo and Emblem Mats
A Fabulous Statement of Organization and Pride

    Vinyl Link Logo and Emblem Mats


       The optimum Vinyl Link Entrance Mat preferred by store owners and maintenance crews for keeping the dirt out and by customers for making it safe to walk under all outside weather conditions. Features 10 "scraper blade" surfaces molded into each side of the mat (most others have only 5) for excellent scraping and squeegeeing of dirt and moisture from shoes, trapping them beneath the mat for later cleanout.
Vinyl Link Entrance Mat


       These long-wearing 2-sided reversible mats are made of abrasion-resistant flexible vinyl links on a framework of 12-gauge galvanized spring steel wire. The unique design incorporates wire locations where the wires are protected from receiving direct stress, as compared to those mats that having their linking wires bear the full force of each step. The Vinyl Link Mats is intended for pedestrian and medium to heavy wheeled traffic with a maximum wheel load of 1,000 lbs depending on the width and diameter of the wheels.

Please Note: Vinyl Link Mats intended for use in wheeled traffic should be recessed into a well with a smooth level bed that conducts traffic along a straight path.

Color Choices:
Vinyl Link Logo and Emblem Mat Colors:
Brown medium brown PMS 7518C
White medium brown PMS 7518C
Red medium brown PMS 7518C
Aqua medium brown PMS 7518C
Black medium brown PMS 7518C
Yellow medium brown PMS 7518C
Royal Blue medium brown PMS 7518C
Beige medium brown PMS 7518C
Green medium brown PMS 7518C
Gray medium brown PMS 7518C
Purple medium brown PMS 7518C
Burgundy medium brown PMS 7518C
Light Green

Click HERE for PMS Color details.
       Available in two styles. Closed weave style: gives high-heel safety and excellent slip protection on rainy days. Open weave style: allows for greater dirt trappage and sure-footed traction. Use beveled nosing for surface mounted application; square nosing for recessed wells. Recessed well frames are also available and will be quoted on request. Easy to roll up for cleaning and rapid installation. Available in 11 popular colors with pattern design, letters, numerals and logos.

linkmat2.jpg (16288 bytes)

USMC HQ Motor Transport

Headquarters, United States Marine Corps
Motor Transport
What is a Perfect Edge?If the color of the Edge is different than the background color of the mat, a Saw Tooth effect will result at the leading and trailing edges of the mat, i.e. the bottom and the top of the mat as it is transversed. That effect can be eliminated by creating a Perfect Edge, which involves the cutting and bonding of links. A good example of the Saw Tooth effect can be seen by clicking on the WestPlex mat below. Please then compare an example of a Perfect Edge by clicking on the Lowe's Theatres mat right next to it.
Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY - Main Entrance Mats Designed by Jim Isermann 2011/ 2005 for Extreme Abstractions Exhibit WestPlex Lowes Theatres (also refered to as Lowes Theaters) Marin County Civic Center, San Rafael, CA

Click on any of these examples to see the mat in a larger view.

Hampton Inn Valley Stream Central High School, Valley Stream, NY Jackson Avenue School 5th Medical Group, Minot Air Foorce Base, ND
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For those who are "shopping around", please make sure you are comparing "apples to apples" while you shop.

The Mat King has been providing high quality mats and matting products to clients across the globe since 1988 and appreciates the things that go "beyond the sale". We have found that in most cases, people are looking for solutions to problems that will be safe, easy to maintain and deliver long lasting service. So, please take a few minutes and review our Product Specifications.

When you review the picture of the links, a key thing you will note about The Mat King Vinyl Link Mats is the strength of the individual links. The links are engineered such that the wires are isolated from the constant bending and flexing that would occur every time a person walks across the mat. That bending and flexing would eventually lead to the early failure of the mat since the wires would react much in the same way a wire coat hanger reacts to the constant bending back and forth in an effort to break it in two; the area where the bend is made would start to loose its integrity, begin to heat up and finally snap apart. By running the wires of The Mat King Vinyl Link Mat through holes that are away from the flex points, the overall life of the mat is increased.

Another feature of The Mat King Vinyl Link Mat that differentiates it from other link mats is the number of "fins" or "scraper blades" on the upper and bottom surfaces of each link; which is ten(10), where others have only five (5). The difference can be seen both in how aggressive a soil scrapper and moisture squeegee links with 10 fins are compared to ones with only 5 can be. The Mat King link mats are literally twice as effective.

Yet another difference can be seen over the long term since the number of fins or scrappers complemented by a far superior vinyl composition from which the links are made add to the longevity of The Mat King Vinyl Link Mat. Mats with fewer fins or scrapers than those of The Mat King mats have to carry the weight, downward force and torque of peoples' feet pivoting over-and-over again on such a limited area that the fins and scrapers of such mats are doomed to an early demise, where The Mat King link deployment spreads that punishment over twice the number of scrapper and fins, which gives The Mat King Mat strength in numbers.

You can accuse The Mat King of being "overly passionate" about a door mat, but The Mat King has labored since 1988 to provide the right mat for each application and, when it comes to vinyl link mats, The Mat King provides the absolute best.

The Mat King looks forward to making a Vinyl Link Mat for your organization and when you and the leadership of your aquisition department reviews the value received for the dollars invested, we believe it will be clear that The Mat King Vinyl Link Mat will prove to be the one to be named the standard.

The statement, "A mat is a Mat is a mat" is not necessarily so.

There are qualitative differences. If you are not getting the quality offered by The Mat King, you are getting a bad deal no matter what the price.

We don't want our customers to be come a "mini-Mat King" but we do want them to know what they are getting and the difference between high quality products worthy of their applications and mats made to a lesser standard that may look pretty at the beginning but which will fail far sooner than our well made product.

Someone once said,"You get what you pay for." That is probably a good idea for just about everything not just about mats. But, while mats is at the top of your "To Do List", please consider the criteria you want to establish and, then, make sure that you are comparing "apples to apples" when making your decision.


The Mat King descusses various aspects regarding the Vinyl Link Logo and Emblem Mats:

We invite you to watch the following series of brief videos in which The Mat King, Drew Kopf, points out certain features of the Vinyl Link Logo and Emblem Mats that might be of interest to organizations, building owners and managers and safety officers, who are considering ways of addressing entrance mat requirements for thier facilites and the safety of visitors to their buildings:

The Mat King Vinyl Link Logo and Emblem Mat Videos:

Deployment Options - Time: 1:37 - Drew Kopf explains the two major deployment methods for The Mat King Vinyl Link Mat. Recorded November 2015.

Video re Vinyl Link Mat Deployment
Design Options - Time: 2:21 - Drew Kopf discusses the mosaic style used in The Mat King Vinyl Link Mat to create company logos and military emblems for entrnaces of buildings or cerimonial area. Recorded November 2015.
Video re Vinyl Link Mat Deployment
Safety Advantages - Time: 1:39 - Drew Kopf outlines the safety aspects of The Mat King Vinyl Link Mat. Recorded November 2015.
Video re Vinyl Link Mat Deployment
Soil Control Features - Time: 2:14 - Drew Kopf points out how The Mat King Vinyl Link Mat captures and hides soil for later clean out. Recorded November 2015
Video re Vinyl Link Mat Deployment
Special Shapes - Time: 2:28 - Drew Kopf presents the way The Mat King Vinyl Link Mat can be made into special shapes. Recorded November 2015.
Video re Vinyl Link Mat Deployment
Traction Elements - Time: 2:01 - Drew Kopf explains how he design plan of The Mat KingVinyl Link Mat provides users with extra traction especially during inclement weather. Recorded November 2015.
Video re Vinyl Link Mat Deployment
Residential Applications - Not yet recorded.
Video re Vinyl Link Mat Deployment
Military Emblem Applications - Not yet recorded.
Video re Vinyl Link Mat Deployment
How to Order Guidelines - Not yet recorded.
Video re Vinyl Link Mat Deployment





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