Vinyl Link Mat Installation Guidelines

Vinyl Link Mat Installation Guidelines:

Recessed Mat Installation Instructions - When installing a Vinyl Link Mat in a floor recess, first make sure that all foreign material, splattered concrete chips, putty, and the like are scrapped out of the recess; especially in the corners and at the edges of the receesed well. Please Note that any raised "lump" in the floor recess will be felt by pedestrians when they walk on the mat and could result in premature ware of the mat at that point.

Sweep out the recessed well and damp mop it so that there are no dirt particles left in the well.

All efforts are made during the fabrication of your Vinyl Link Mats to insure that they will fit the recessed frames. If there have been alterations to the size of the frames before the concrete has been poured,The Mat King can not be responsible for an improper fit that may result from that situation, unless we have been well in advance of the manufacture of the mat for that recess.

Pre-cut mats made to size can be inserted into place in the recessed well. If there appears to be a hump or abowed effect in the matting, it can usually be worked out by counter rolling the mat in the effected area. In cold climates, it may be necessary to add heat to "iron out" the curvature, but be careful not to burn or scorch the mat in the process.

Care must be taken to insure that personalized, embelem or logo the mats are installed such that the correct surface is facing up and that the units with names and or numbers are facing in the desired direction.

To install Vinyl Link Mats: Place the fron and rear edges in place by pulling up a hump in the center ofthe mat. Then, gentley step on the mat until the hump disappears (see sketch). This action should cause the the links to bunch up as they should.

Vinyl Link Mata are valuable investments. If they are treated with care, Vinyl Link Mats can serve well by delivering effective safety and soild control areas for years. Keeping Vinyl Link Mats clean and they will enhance the beauty and prestige of building entrances and can save a tremendous amount of labor dollars in additional building manitenance by trapping more and more soil and moisture at the entrnace in stead of allowing it to be tracked all over the building. Clean mats can also go a long way to prolonging the longevity of fine flooring by reduciong the amount of ware they experience.

Vinyl Link Mat Care Tips:

1. Vacuum surface daily.

2. Roll up the mat and vacuum underneath the mat at least once a each week.

3. Hose or wet mop and brush with a stiff brush to remove heavy soil. Use a mild detergent or plain luke-warm water.

4. Stand mat on end of roll to drain dry.

5. Storing: If a Vinyl Link Mat must be stored, clean it first, then turn it upside down and roll the mat on a core. Lay the rolled up mat flat. Never store the mat on end.

6. Do not pull a Vinyl Link Mat by the corners to change its position or to clean it.

7. Do not wash Vinyl Link Mats with solvents or caustic solutions.

8. NEVER fold a Vinyl Link Mat.

9. Do not lift a rolled Vinyl Link Mat without supporting the center of the roll.

10. Do not permit heavy machinery or vehicles to move over a Vinyl Link Mat.


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